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Mixtwood Pomona Park – Tuesday Playground Profile

This profile of the Ann Arbor’s Mixtwood Pomona Park Playground is part of our Tuesday Playground Profiles Series. Are you interested in sponsoring the series? Contact us for details.

Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area including Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Today we are profiling Ann Arbor’s Mixtwood Pomona Park Playground.
Mixtwood Pomona Park Profile - Sign

Mixtwood Pomona Park

Mixtwood Pomona Park is a small neighborhood park on Mixtwood near Pomona. The park includes a play structure, swings, sand box, picnic tables and grill, and benches.


Mixtwood Pomona Park Profile

Location: 1145 Mixtwood Rd Avenue – The park is located in a neighborhood just north of Miller..
Unique Features: See-saw, sand box, spinner, theater with seats, picnic grill
Swings: 2 traditional, 1 infant bucket, 1 adaptive
Mixtwood Pomona Park Playground Profile - SwingsSurface: Mulch
Bathrooms: No.
Shade: Yes. There are lots of mature trees around the park offering shade.
Pavilion: No
Sports Fields: No
Walking Trails: Neighborhood sidewalks and a sidewalk to the structure
Parking: Street Parking is available.

Mixtwood Pomona Park Playground Review

Mixtwood Pomona Park offers a structure, swings, and a sandbox. With two picnic tables, several benches, and grill, it’s the perfect place for a small meetup. The park also offers lots of natural shade from trees.

Mixtwood Pomona Park Playground Profile - Structure

My daughter’s favorite part of the park was the spinner in the sandbox. This was a new feature for her. The sandbox also has a digger and a seesaw plus plenty of toys.

Mixtwood Pomona Park Playground Profile - Spinner

I love the little theater under the play structure with seats for spectators. A great summer activity would be to have the kids make puppets and then put on a show at the park.

Mixtwood Pomona Park Playground Profile - Theater

Mixtwood Pomona Park is small, but is the perfect size for a family or small group outing. 

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