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Ann Arbor Playground Profiles

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Are you looking for a new Ann Arbor Playground to visit? Be sure to check out our Ann Arbor Playground Profiles. 

If there is one thing that Ann Arbor has in abundance, it is parks. The City of Ann Arbor owns and operates 159 parks. That doesn’t even count Washtenaw County Parks, or parks in Pittsfield Township, Ypsilanti, Dexter, Saline, etc. While the 159 parks number includes all parks and nature areas, our Playground Profile Series will focus only on parks with playgrounds. A new Playground Profile will be published each Tuesday this summer. The series will continue into the fall and will resume next spring.

Each Ann Arbor Playground Profile will include information about the park – location, playground equipment, park facilities, walking trails, etc. If there’s a particular feature of a playground that you want us to note or you have a suggestions for a park to feature, add it in the comments.


Ann Arbor Playground Profiles

Check out our Ann Arbor Playground Profiles below:


Playgrounds Beyond Washtenaw County

Are you going beyond Washtenaw County? Check out some playground options from our nearby friends:

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And a big Thank You to my daughter! Not only is she visiting these parks with me and posing for pictures, but she also did the design of the two images.

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