Ann Arbor Playgrounds with Merry Go Rounds

Ann Arbor Playgrounds with Merry Go Rounds

Are you looking for Ann Arbor Parks with Merry Go Rounds?

Merry Go Rounds were staples of playgrounds when I was a kid. When I started taking my daughter to playgrounds, I was disappointed not to find many merry go rounds. We finally found one when we were at Allmendinger Playground for a preschool playdate. Since then we have found playgrounds at several more playgrounds.

Our Merry Go Round list includes both traditional merry go rounds (flat metal base with metal bars) and a newer style that is plastic with molded seats (shown below). The first time my daughter encountered the merry go round at Allmendinger, she slid off as older kids were pushing the merry go round. The newer style lets kids sit safely in the center.

Ypsilanti Riverside Park - Merry Go Round

Since 2015, Ann Arbor with Kids profiles a playground a week each summer (except 2020). We have nearly 80 playground profiles throughout the Ann Arbor area and shared information about them with our community.

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The map below will help you find a playground with a merry go round near you – or near another destination.

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Ann Arbor Parks with Merry Go Round List

The playgrounds below have a merry go round. Click the title for more details on each playground. Many of the profiles include a photo of the merry go round.

Allmendinger Park

Creal Park

Glacier Highlands Park

Rotary Club’s Centennial Playground at Gallup Park

Huron Highlands Park

Chi-Bro Park

Riverside Park

Brecon Park

Winewood Thaler Park

South Maple Park

Maryfield Wildwood

Frisinger Park

West Park

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