Ann Arbor 4th of July Celebrations

Fireworks, Parades, & More: Spectacular Ann Arbor 4th of July

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Are you looking for Ann Arbor Fourth of July Celebrations? We’ve got a list of all the fireworks and parades and other fun events for 4th of July near us.


Ann Arbor 4th of July Fireworks

Firework shows near Ann Arbor typically happen before July 4th and not on July 4th itself. Make sure to plan ahead. For music and fireworks, check out Salute to America at Greenfield Village. Head to a metropark for a big fireworks display.

Check our Ann Arbor Fireworks Guide for more displays and to find the details.

Sparkling Spectacles: Ann Arbor Fireworks in 2023

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Lit Jack O'lanerns at Hallowee'en at Greenfield Village. Three across the bottom with the middle one carved to say Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village. A traditional jack o'lantern with a face sits above this pumpkin. To the right is a pumpkin with an owl. THe image to the left the letters OINCE are visible below a honeycomb

Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village

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4th of July Ann Arbor Area Concerts

As in most years, the Ann Arbor Civic Band will have a 4th of July themed concert – Fourth on the Fifth. As in 2022, they are playing at Burns Park due to repairs on the West Park Band Shell. Another option is Salute to America at Greenfield Village which combines a concert and fireworks.

Ann Arbor Civic Band Concert
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4th of July Parades Near Us

The Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July Parade is one of our family’s Fourth of July traditions. My daughter was in the parade from age 3 to 13 in 2019. Due to construction downtown, the Jaycees 33rd annual Fourth of July Parade has been moved to Briarwood Mall and to Sunday, July 2. There will be food trucks and more before the parade.

The Ypsilanti Fourth of July Parade is back this year, followed by a bicentennial event.

Whitmore Lake is also having a parade on July 4th at 10a. Or for a spin on the traditional parade, check out their boat parade of lights at 10p.

While there are other 4th of July parades in Michigan, these are the ones in the Ann Arbor area.

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Independence Day Crafts

Leading up to 4th of July, there are usually some fun craft events

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All Ann Arbor 4th of July 2023 Events

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Other Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Of course the planned events are just one option for 4th of July Celebration. Many people spend the day at a pool, water park, or lake.

Fourth of july is perfect for a BBQ with friends or family. We stopped at Satchel’s for lunch after the parade one year. and they told us 4th of July is usually their biggest day.

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