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Newsletter Types

Are you wondering about the different newsletter options that we offer? They are described below along with some samples.

Weekly Newsletter

The Weekly Newsletter is a curated newsletter that is sent out every Thursday night with the events for the upcoming weekend. The newsletter is hand-curated with our top event picks, activity ideas, and more. The newsletter is sent out 12 hours before the Weekend Roundup is posted on the website.

During the summer and school breaks, a second weekly newsletter is sent on Sunday with events for the upcoming week. This newsletter is also hand-curated with our top events picks, activity ideas, and more.

See a sample weekend roundup newsletters here:


Weekday Newsletter

Daily Newsletter

In addition, we offer a daily newsletter. This newsletter is sent every morning (typically at 8a). It includes all of the activities for that day and any posts from the previous 24 hours. Note: It only sends on days with new posts. 

Sample Daily Newsletters:

School Break Newsletter

The School Break Newsletter is the same as the daily newsletter, but it is only sent during school breaks (summer, spring break, and winter break).

Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to decide which newsletter is right for you? 

No problem, you can sign up for them in combination. Choose any newsletter by itself or Weekly+Daily or Weekly+School Break.

Why can’t I sign up for Daily + School Break?

They are literally the same newsletter. With the daily you get it every day year round. With the School Break, it’s only during school breaks.

It’s not a School Break, why am I still getting it if I signed up for School Break?

Our School Break is mostly based on the Ann Arbor Public Schools schedule. However, in June 2017, I started the School Break a week before school let out because of all of the awesome Top of the Park events in the evenings. Plus, many preschools are done for the year and some of the charter and private schools are finishing as well.

Or, the switch is controlled manually. Reply to your email to remind me to shut off the school break emails.

Can I change my subscription option?

Yes, you can. There are two ways: Just sign up again with your new preferences. Or, check your emails. There should be a link to manage your subscription. This includes an option to unsubscribe (which we hope you don’t do).

I signed up and never received any emails. Why not?

Our email list requires a two-factor authentication. If you sign up, you need to confirm your subscription. Check your spam folder (and be sure to add us to your address book) for a confirmation email. The two-factor authentication is to ensure that we are in compliance with anti-spam laws.

It is also possible that there was a typo in your email address. Try signing up again.

Why didn’t I get a Daily or School Break email today?

The Daily & School Break emails are triggered by a new article on the website. If there was no post published in the previous 24 hours, it will not be sent.

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