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We have made some changes to the website and are working on modifications to our event listings. Please reach out for details for any event more than a month out.

Upgraded Event Listing Options

Basic Listings are available for free.



Make your event stand out from the crowd with a listing above the calendar and highlighted with an image and description in the calendar.



Make your event stand out from the crowd with a listing above the calendar and highlighted with an image and description in the calendar.



Sponsor a weekend roundup to give your event an extra boost., everything in the Gold Package, and more.

Above Events CalendarYesYesYes
Highlighted on Home PageYesYesYes
Image and Excerpt in CalendarYesYesYes
Facebook Share122
Included in Weekend/Weekly Email1 Week*2 Weeks*2 Weeks*
Guaranteed Placement Time *1 Week2 Weeks2 Weeks
In-Content AdNoYesYes
Sponsor Weekly Roundup Article & EmailNoNoYes
Instagram ShareNoNoYes
Twitter ShareNoNoYes
Facebook BoostNoNoOn Weekly Roundup Article
* Minimum Guaranteed Time is subject to receiving the submission at least 3 days before the Guarantee starts

Submitted Event Requirements:

  • Events should be submitted at least three days prior to the event date to ensure publication (and by noon on Thursday for inclusion in the Weekend Roundup E-mail)
  • Events should be for kids from birth through teens. We will also list occasional events that are geared towards parents (for example, a parenting class) or expecting parents.
  • Only paid listings may offer coupons for events.
  • We do not list religious/worship services – community events held by religious groups that do not include worship or religious instruction are allowed..
  • We do not list political or advocacy events.
  • Events should be open to the general public and not just members of an organization.
  • If you are listing a multi-day/recurring event, the event needs to be available on a drop-in basis for a single session. If registration is required for the entire sequence, it is not a calendar event. Please contact us for promotional options.
  • You cannot list regular business hours on the calendar.

Please Include:

  • Please include your contact information in your submission (name and either e-mail or phone number). This will not be included on the published event unless you also include it in the text portion of the listing.
  • Event Date, Time, & Location (please select an existing location if available)
  • In the Event Details, please include:
    • Event Description
    • Event Costs
    • Registration Information (if applicable)
    • Event Link
  • Photo (optional). By including this photo you are acknowledging that you have permission to use this photo for commercial/marketing purposes and are granting Ann Arbor with Kids permission to publish.
  • When selecting categories, please select all relevant categories. Use Control-click to select multiple categories
  • If you are submitting an event with multiple occurrences that are not on a regular schedule, please e-mail me at eventscalendar@annarborwithkids.com. I can duplicate events and adjust times much faster than you can submit individual events.

Event submissions may be edited before publication.

Platinum Event Availability

A platinum event includes sponsorship of a weekend or weekly highlights newsletter.

Please make sure your event submission was successful. You should see a success page in place of the form (the top part of the page will remain the same) and receive a confirmation email. If you are having trouble, make sure you have selected days and times and a location, or your image may be too big. Try submitting without the image and emailing it to us. For featured events, we prefer a 1200×630 image for Facebook sharing. 

If it has been more than 2 business days since your submission please contact Ann Arbor with Kids at eventscalendar@annarborwithkids.com to make sure there were not technical difficulties with your submission.

Your Details

The event name. Example: Birthday party


Event Times to

This event spans every day between the beginning and end date, with start/end times applying to each day.


Location not found

Update your address information above to generate a preciese map location.


Event Image

No image uploaded for this event yet

Once you have successfully submitted your event above, you can pay for an event upgrade on the confirmation screen. If you wish to do a Platinum Event for a specific weekend, contact us for availability and we will bill you when we confirm it is available.

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