Ann Arbor Playgrounds with Sandboxes

Ann Arbor Playgrounds with Sandboxes

Are you looking for Ann Arbor Parks with Sandboxes?

Many kids love playing in sand boxes, and they are a staple of many parks in the Ann Arbor area. Some of these sandboxes are large and feature diggers or climbing elements. Other sandboxes have toys that have been left for communal use.

Since 2015, Ann Arbor with Kids profiles a playground a week each summer (except 2020). We have over 80 playground profiles throughout the Ann Arbor area and shared information about them with our community.

See Ann Arbor Parks with Sandboxes on a Map

The map below will help you find a playground with a sandbox near you – or near another destination.

Ann Arbor Parks with Sandboxes List

The playgrounds below have a sandbox. Click the title for more details on each playground. Many of the profiles include a photo of the sandbox at the time of our visit. While our photos may show certain toys left behind, this can change over time as toys wear out.

Dr. Harold J. Lockett Park

Wilson Park

County Farm Park

Clinton Park

Esch Park


Greenbrier Park

Mixtwood Pomona Park

Beckley Park

Wurster Park

Livery Playground at Gallup Park

West Park

Bromley Park

Huron Highlands Park

Hunt Park

Churchill Downs Park

Garden Homes

Wellington Park

Scheffler Park

Windemere Park

Sugarbush Park West

Frisinger Park

Riverside Park

Las Vegas Park

Waymarket Park

Lansdowne Park

Winewood Thaler Park

Creal Park

Southeast Area Park

Rotary Club’s Centennial Playground at Gallup Park

Burns Park

Maryfield Wildwood

Burr Oak Park

Olson Park

Allmendinger Park

Glacier Highlands Park

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