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Updated: April 2020

Ann Arbor with Kids

Your go-to source for Ann Arbor Family Fun

Ann Arbor with Kids is the premier online resource for Ann Arbor area families to learn about local activities, events, and more family fun. The target audience is families with kids from toddlers through tweens who live in Ann Arbor & surrounding communities.

In 2019, Ann Arbor with Kids had over half a million page views  – averaging 45k/month from 10-24k visitors per month. Most of our audience are mothers ages 25-44 with kids from toddlers to teens.

Advertising Philosophy

At Ann Arbor with Kids, we strive to be a comprehensive resource for parents. This drives our readership which in turn provides value to our advertisers.

As a comprehensive resource, our events calendar and guides all include free listings. We offer the opportunity for businesses to upgrade their listings for additional visibility including social media shares, prime placement, and additional information.

New for 2020 – Customer Registration

Now you can create an account on Ann Arbor with Kids to manage your own listings. Previously, you could submit your own events and listings, but could not edit them. Now you will be able to edit your events and listings. We will also be adding the ability to manage article sponsorship, banner advertising, and guest posts.

Register your account here:

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If you have previously submitted events or listings or we created them for your business, let us know and we can reassign them to your account.


A couple of years ago we added Organization Memberships. Member organizations (for example, a business or a non-profit) will now have a home page with information about them and links to articles about them, their events, and guide listings.

Paid Memberships include the ability to customize your membership page and credits towards event listings, sidebars, and guides. As with all of our offerings, there is a free membership option.


We have added a number of new guides which offer user filter capabilities. Just like our events calendar, guide listings are now self-submit. All guides offer free basic listings and upgrade listings for purchase.

See the links below for information and to submit your listing.

Series Sponsors

We are looking for several series sponsors.

  • Playground Profiles
  • Playdates
  • Car Seat Safety
  • Moving to Ann Arbor
  • Visiting Ann Arbor

Contact Ann Arbor with Kids for details and pricing on each series.

Event Promotion

Sponsored Event Listings appear above the calendar on the Events Page and are highlighted in weekend roundups and applicable themed event roundups. Premium and Plus Event sponsorships are also avaialble Organizations with paid memberships can display an image on every event listing.

  • Premium Sponsoring Event – $100 – Includes Plus Sponsored Event Benefits and sponsorship of a weekend or weekday roundup which is shared on Facebook and Twitter and includes a Facebook boost. Your event is also shared on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Plus Sponsoring Event – $45 – A Sponsoring Event plus up to one month in the newsletter weekly and daily newsletters. All Plus Sponsoring Events are included in an in-content ad. They receive an additional Facebook share 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Sponsoring Event – $30 – Sponsoring Events are listed above the events calendar and as a group on the home page. They are added to the weekend (or weekly) newsletter the week of the event. They are shared once on Facebook a day or two before the event They also receive a Display Image upgrade.
  • Display Image – (Free for Members, not available individually) –  An image that you provide and a brief description are included in our events calendar and weekend/weekly roundups.

See our Event Submission Page to submit your event and find details on upgrades. If you submit the event yourself, you may include pictures and a detailed event description. Submitted events are approved for applicability and may be edited before publication.

Article Sponsorship

Sponsor an article on Ann Arbor with Kids

  • Weekend or Weekly Roundup – $65/week (Note Weekly Roundups are only published when school is out of session – summer, school breaks, etc)
  • One Year Sponsorship of a guide or roundup article – Price Varies
  • Ask an Expert – $140
  • Guest Post as an Expert – $85

Contact us for availability.

Social Media Package

A social media package is a great choice for a continuous awareness campaign.

Other Advertising Options

Featured Articles

A Featured Article is a detailed, SEO Optimized article about your desired topic. Article will be highlighted in the featured article slider on the home page, and shared via social media and newsletters. It also receives a Facebook ad. A featured article is $150 with one week in the slider and Facebook ad. Additional weeks (up to 4 total) can be added for $50. Certain guide listings can also be upgraded for $50/week. Contact us for availability and additional information.

Banner Ads

Ann Arbor with Kids offers several banner ad options. Offerings and monthly prices as of July 2020 are below.

  • Leaderboard – $115
  • 300×100 Title – $95
  • 300×250 Sidebar (Top Slot, at scroll) – $70
  • 300×250 Sidebar (below scroll) – $45
  • In Content* – $40-85

You may also purchase a targeted banner ad that only displays on a particular page or set of pages. For example, a restaurant may wish to only advertise on the Kids Eat Free page. Prices range from $5-25/month depending on page traffic and ad content.

*In Content Ads may not be displayed on sponsored articles, the home pages, and other selected pages. There are 5 In Content Ad slots. Long articles will recycle through the ads. Pricing is:

  • Ad Slot 1 – $85 – this is the first ad in any article. It is most likely to appear multiple times.
  • Ad Slot 2- N/A – reserved for sponsored event block
  • Ad Slot 3 – $60
  • Ad Slot 4 – $50
  • Ad Slot 5 – $40

Advertising Guidelines

  • While our readers are adults, advertising should be related to children/families. Site content such as Featured Articles and Event Promotion have the strongest child/family requirement.
  • We do not accept political or advocacy advertising. We do accept advertising from advocacy organizations for non-advocacy events and activities that are open to the community.
  • We do not accept advertising for worship services. We do accept advertising from religious organizations for non-worship events and activities that are open to the community. This includes preschool and academic schools even if there is a religious component to instruction.

Ann Arbor with Kids follows ethical blogging standards. All sponsored content will be labeled as advertising or sponsored content according to FTC standards.

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  1. Hi there! Ran across your account & wondered if you were open to affiliate advertising opportunities through Impact Radius. Our program, Sittercity, is America’s largest and most trusted site for matching parents with local house sitters, pet sitters, and senior care providers.

  2. Hey Anna Mae, I work with Kim McIntire from Pittsfield Parks and Recreation. We are trying to get a hold of you but your email doesn’t seem to be working. We keep getting the email kicked back to us. We would love to talk about some of the sponsored posts!

  3. We would like to advertise our local youth soccer club, MPSA Crush, on your site.
    I did not find any info about pricing.
    I did sign up for your business newsletter.
    Please let me know if I need to do anything else.

  4. I’m with the Michigan Secretary of State’s office and I wanted to give you and your readers a heads-up that the Secretary of State has relaunched the Michigan Child Protection Registry. It allows parents to register cell phones, email addresses and Instant Messenger IDs to keep kids from seeing ads for alcohol, tobacco, gambling and pornography. The website is and if you have any questions or want more information you are welcome to email me. Thanks!

  5. Hi, I’d love to learn more about the promotional opportunities you offer for our organization, the University Center for Language and Literacy at U-M. I attempted to join the business newsletter, but haven’t gotten a verification/confirmation email. Can you send me your rate sheet? Thanks!

  6. I would appreciate your help. I have an event listed for tomorrow that I need to update with a new location. I am not seeing a way to edit an existing an event. I am sure that I am overlooking that option somewhere. Could you please help me.

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