Ann Arbor Parks for Splashing

With the crazy hot temperatures this week, it seems like a good time to pull together a list of some creeks, rivers, and lakes that can be visited year round. Note: None of these locations have lifeguards. Use your own judgement and properly supervise your kids.

Ann Arbor Parks for Splashing

Argo Park

The Argo Cascades offer kayaking and tubing as the Huron River bypasses the Argo Dam. The canoe livery is open through October 8, but you can always bring your own tube, kayak, or canoe. Even if you don’t plan to tube or kayak, there are shallow pools near the rock jetties that are perfect for splashing.

Argo Cascades - Wednesday Activity Review - Two Drops

Gallup Park

The new Centennial Playground at Gallup Park has a small water feature and is also right on a slow moving section of the Huron River. However, it is not the best section for wading.


Centennial Playground at Gallup Park - Water Access

Island Park

Ann Arbor’s Island Park is on the Huron River. There are shallow areas with slow moving water that is perfect for kids to wade with supervision.

Island Park Playground Profile - Crossing the River

Mill Pond Park in Saline

Saline’s Mill Pond Park is right on Mill Pond. However I recommend the small creek for wading and splashing on hot days. Since it is separate from the main river, you don’t have to be as worried about your kids wandering out too far especially if they are young.

Mill Pond Park - Wading in the Creek

Other Suggestions

What parks do you like to head to for some splashing on hot days? I thought of Independence Lake, but their website says the beach is only open Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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