5 Family Friendly Ann Arbor Hikes

Ann Arbor Outdoor Activities

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With Coronavirus precautions at a high level, outdoor activities that provide social distance and limit touch points are a great way to get out of the house…weather permitting.

While our events calendar typically includes all of the great outdoor events that happen, they have mostly been canceled to limit public gatherings.

Ann Arbor Outdoor Activities

Did we miss some of your favorite Ann Arbor Outdoor Activities? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add them to the summary.

Family Friendly Hikes

What better Ann Arbor Outdoor Activity is there than enjoying a hike through one of Ann Arbor’s many parks. Thank you to Annie Fortunato of Hike It Baby Ann Arbor for compiling her list of 5 Favorite Family Friendly Hikes in the Ann Arbor Area a few years ago.

5 Family Friendly Ann Arbor Hikes


Normally playgrounds are at the top of our list for outdoor activities for kids. A crowded playground eliminates the benefits of social distancing. Even an empty playground poses risks as I have read multiple reports that the virus can last more than 12 hours on metal and plastic surfaces.

Ann Arbor Activities - Visit a Playground

Visiting a playground is always a fun outdoor activity – especially in spring and summer. Check out our Ann Arbor Playground Profiles and pick a new playground to visit.

Spring Outdoor Fun

Now that it is spring, it’s a great time to head outside even if it is to your own yard. Try riding a bike…it’s a great time for the kids to learn. Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt. Start clearing the yard up after winter. I came up with tennis and golf as possible sports that make it easy to maintain a social distance (less important with members of the same household).

Activity Reviews

Make sure to adjust these general outdoor activities to maintain your social distance during the coronavirus outbreak.

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