Ann Arbor Outdoor Movies Summer 2023 - PopUp Movie Screen in front of UMs Rackham Building & Michigan Stadium Movie Night

Cinema Under the Stars: Outdoor Movies Near Ann Arbor

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I’ve loved seeing outdoor movies since my first trip to the drive-in. There are lots of options for outdoor movies near Ann Arbor. Michigan summer nights are often cool making for great movie watching weather. However, being on the western edge of the time zone, darkness starts late.

Check out our list of outdoor movies in 2023 near Ann Arbor.


Top of the Park Movies

Our favorite place to catch an outdoor movie is at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival’s Top of the Park. The Movies by Moonlight series is held on Ingalls Mall. Movies are on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the second half of June. The 2023 season is shorter than other years, but several of the movies are family friendly.

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Stadium Movies

We love seeing moves at Michigan Stadium. We have seen both Black Panther and Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse.

Of the Ann Arbor outdoor movies, the biggest movie of the year is at Michigan Stadium. We don’t expect to see a 2023 movie night. The scoreboards are being replaced this summer, so there is no way to show the movie – plus construction has seating closed.

Michigan Stadium Movie Night - Field Seating

Eastern Michigan University has also done movies at their Football Field. I will update if one is announced.

Movies at the Park Near Me

Michigan movies in the parks are back for 2023. We are highlighting some of the movies in the park near Ann Arbor.

Saline Parks returns their movie series starting with DC League of Super-Pets as part of their Family Campout.

Pittsfield Township brings back their Movies in the Park with The Super Mario Bros this August.

Movies in the Park are back at the Huron Clinton Metroparks. Our calendar includes outdoor movies in the park 2023 near us at Hudson Mills, Lower Huron, and Kensington. They also have 2023 movies in the park at Stony Creek Metropark which is further from Ann Arbor. They will also have Movies in Detroit with Black Panther Wakanda Forever on August 3 at Gabriel Richard Park.

Sadly, Ann Arbor has not brought back their dive-in movies at the city pools. We also have not seen announcement for the Ypsilanti DDA movies in the park or Washtenaw County Movies in the park.


Ann Arbor Drive-In Movie Theaters Options

A Drive-In is the classic way to watch an outdoor movie. There is no drive in movie in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, but there are a couple in close driving distance. They all offer double features, which makes for a late night.

The Summer Drive-In at USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth is the closest drive in movie theater to Ann Arbor. They are open on Wednesdays-Sundays in the summer. They open for sneak peek weekends in May and open full time on June 7. Check out our tips for seeing a movie at the drive-in theater.

After attending one of their 2023 sneak peek weekends, we have one request. PLEASE don’t run your car for the entire movie. We had someone who went retro at the drive-in with a 1960s muscle car park next to us. They ran the engine the entire time and the exhaust fumes were overwhelming.

7 Tips for Summer Drive-In at USA Hockey Arena

The Ford Drive-In is in Dearborn. They are open nightly in the summer. They offer several double features each night.

The US-23 Drive-In is in Flint. They are open nightly with double features.

Our friends at Metro Detroit Mommy have a few more Drive-Ins listed for Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties.


Ann Arbor Movies in the Park and other Outdoor Movies

Movie Night: Coco
at County Farm Park, Ann Arbor Michigan

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