Ann Arbor Parks with Accessible Playgrounds - photos of accessible structure entrance and adaptive swings

Ann Arbor Parks with Accessible Playgrounds

Are you looking for Ann Arbor Parks with Accessible Playgrounds? The lists below will help you find a playground that will fit your child’s needs all all kids in your family or group to enjoy the playground.

Since 2015, Ann Arbor with Kids profiles a playground a week each summer (except 2020, and we’ve gotten a slow start to 2022). We have over 80 playground profiles throughout the Ann Arbor area and shared information about them with our community. As we add new playground profiles, they will automatically be added to these lists as appropriate.

Find an Ann Arbor Area Parks with Accessible Playground Near You

The map below will help you find an accessible playground near you – or near another destination.

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Ann Arbor Parks with Accessible Playgrounds

There are a variety of ways that a playground can be accessible. There are those with Accessible Structures that have a ramp directly from a paved path, those that have adaptive swings, and those using other universal access design features.

The Rotary Club’s Centennial Playground at Gallup Park is a great example of a playground designed using Universal Access principles.

We will admit that the bar for inclusion as an accessible structure is fairly low – a ramp that allows access to part of the structure. We did not evaluate what activities could be accessed via that ramp.

We are splitting our list of Accessible Playgrounds into three sections. Those that have both an accessible structure and adaptive swings, those with just an accessible structure, and those with just adaptive swings.

Playgrounds with Accessible Structure and Adaptive Swings

Ford Heritage Park

Garden Homes


Playgrounds with Accessible Structures

Rotary Club’s Centennial Playground at Gallup Park

Hickory Woods Park

Burr Oak Park

Playgrounds with Adaptive Swings

Lions Park

County Farm Park

Arbor Oaks

Mary Beth Doyle Park

Lansdowne Park

Jennings Rd Athletic Complex

Frisinger Park

Evergreen Park

Mixtwood Pomona Park

Riverside Park

Foxfire North

Burns Park

Allmendinger Park

Brookside Park

Playgrounds with Rubber Mats

Even for children who don’t need an accessible playground, mulch can be difficult for children with balance issues or limited mobility. The following playgrounds are either free from mulch or have sections of the playground that can be used without going in the mulch.

Playgrounds with Rubber Mats are also great “Mess-Free” playgrounds after rainy or during the spring thaw. Check out our Mess-Free Playgrounds for a listing of those using Rubber Mats and a combination of rubber mats and mulch.

Ann Arbor Mess Free Playgrounds

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