Ann Arbor Playgrounds with Zip Lines

Ann Arbor Playgrounds with Zip Lines

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Are you looking for Ann Arbor Parks with Zip Lines? We’ve got you covered with the list below.

My daughter has always loved playground zip lines. It’s no surprise she grew up to love ropes courses with zip lines.

Since 2015, Ann Arbor with Kids profiles a playground a week each summer (except 2020). We have nearly 80 playground profiles throughout the Ann Arbor area and shared information about them with our community.


See Ann Arbor Parks with Zip Lines on a Map

The map below will help you find a playground with zip lines near you – or near another destination.

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Ann Arbor Parks with Zip Lines List

The playgrounds below have a zip line. Click the title for more details on each playground.

Sugarbush Park East

Wilson Park

Prairie Park


Marshview Meadows Park

Huron Highlands Park

Virginia Park


Pilgrim Park

Las Vegas Park

Plymouth Parkway Park


Woolley Park

County Farm Park

Ford Heritage Park


Southeast Area Park

Montibeller Park

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