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Bobcat Bonnie's Restaurant Exterior

Bobcat Bonnies – Restaurant Review

We first dined at Bobcat Bonnie’s Ypsilanti as a family in February 2020. Throughout the pandemic, it has been one of our favorite locations for takeout. They have a nice selection of vegan and vegetarian options when we are dining with friends who are vegetarian. My husband and I returned on a date night outdoors. …

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Ann Arbor Ice Cream Tour

Ann Arbor Ice Cream Tour

There are tons of great options for ice cream in the Ann Arbor area. We have finally made it to most of the reader recommended Ann Arbor Ice Cream spots. Check out our thoughts then chime in with your own favorites. Ann Arbor Ice Cream Tour Map Our Ice Cream Tour Map will help you …

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Ann Arbor Shake Shack - Dining

Ann Arbor Shake Shack Opens

The Ann Arbor Shake Shack opened on Monday, July 15, 2019. We were in the neighborhood for a late dinner, so decided to check it out on opening night. Ann Arbor Shake Shack Food Shake Shack’s specialties are burgers and custard milkshakes and Concretes. They also offer hot dogs and chicken. Burgers I decided to …

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Ann Arbor Dining Deals

Ann Arbor Dining Deals

Dining out can be expensive for families. This is especially true once your kids, like my daughter, have outgrown kids meals. Many restaurants offer weeknight specials either during Happy Hours or all night. Ann Arbor Kids Eat Free Kids Eat Free are a great money saver for many families. Ann Arbor Dining Deals Many restaurants …

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Shalimar Ann Arbor Restaurant Review

Shalimar – Restaurant Review

This weekend we had dinner as a family at Shalimar in Downtown Ann Arbor. My husband and daughter visited last month while I was out of town and were excited to take me back. Shalimar is an Indian restaurant consistently ranked as one of the best in Ann Arbor. Shalimar Menu The Shalimar menu has …

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Frita Batidos - Collage

Frita Batidos – Restaurant Review

Last night we had our first dinner at Frita Batidos as a family. My daughter and I had previously visited as part of a school group and wanted to return as a family. Frita Batidos offers Cuban street food. Fritas are burgers and Batidos are tropical milkshakes. Frita Batidos Menu Fritas A Frita is Cuban burger …

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Smokehouse 52 Saline - Burnt Ends

Smokehouse 52 Saline – Restaurant Review

We were eagerly awaiting the opening of Smokehouse 52 Saline since it was first announced. When we heard it was opening on Monday night, we stopped in to try it out. We arrived for dinner around 7p and were seated immediately Smokehouse 52 Saline Food Appetizer Our favorite BBQ appetizer is Burnt Ends. Most restaurants, …

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Dolores Ypsilanti - Fish Tacos

Dolores Ypsilanti – Restaurant Review

Dolores Ypsilanti is a Mexican restaurant in the Main Street Area of Ypsilanti. They opened at the end of January 2018. They closed temporarily during the early stages of the pandemic, but reopened in June 2021 with a limited menu. After a few months, they have pivoted again and are only opening the bar with …

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Black Rock Review - Grilling Steak

Black Rock Bar & Grill – Restaurant Review

Ann Arbor’s Black Rock Bar & Grill opened shortly before Christmas 2017 and has continued to be popular. We have been several times, but it may not be the best with young children. My then 12 year old expressed concerns with the safety of the restaurant for her young cousins – and for herself. In …

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CLOSED – Grillcheezerie Restaurant Review

GrillCheezerie is all about the Grilled Cheese – and Mac & Cheese. Actually their signature dish is the S’Mac & Cheese – grilled cheese with Mac & Cheese. While we didn’t try, it we did enjoy our grilled cheeses.

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