Ann Arbor School Guide

Ann Arbor K-12 School Guide for 2020-2021

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Whether you have a child starting Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, are new to the area or just looking for a change, our  2020-2021 Ann Arbor K-12 School Guide will help you find the right fit. Thank you to the Schools who purchased upgraded listings.


Elementary School Information Sessions

Attending an Open House is one of the best ways to learn about a preschool. For convenience, we have a list of upcoming Kindergarten Roundups & other Elementary School Open Houses.

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High School Information Sessions

Attending an Open House is one of the best ways to learn about a high school. Several high schools offer the opportunity for an 8th grader to shadow a freshman. My friends whose kids have done this highly recommend it.

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Ann Arbor K-12 School Listings

Thank you to our School Guide Sponsors. They are listed below with an image and a full listing. Did we miss your school or would you like to upgrade to a full listing? Check out more information and submit your listing.


Ann Arbor Preschool Guide

Where you looking for a preschool? Check out our 2019-2020 Preschool Guide.

Ann Arbor Preschool Guide for 2019-2020 Sponsored by Early Learning Center Preschool

Lotteries, In-District Transfer & School of Choice

Ann Arbor Public Schools

Lotteries are used for Ann Arbor Open (K-8) and Community High School. Both schools are in high demand. In-District Transfer allows district residents to apply to a school other than their home school. School of choice allows non-district residents to attend Ann Arbor Public Schools.

There are typically several windows for In-District Transfer/School of Choice. At the close of each window, applicants are notified of their assignment. It is always best to apply in the early rounds. I know my daughter’s guidance counselor said that in 2019-2020 Pioneer was the only one of the 3 comprehensive high schools to close to transfers.

The first window for In-District Transfer/School of Choice is January 14-February 9.

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