Places to Get Wet Near Ann Arbor

Places to Get Wet Near Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor area Pools, Water Parks, and Splash Pads are returning to operation in 2021. They are phasing in their operations as local restrictions are lifted.

All of the locations on our list are opt to the public without a membership. Admission fees are noted where needed.

One of my daughter’s favorite parts of summer is the water – whether it’s swimming, water slides, splash parks, or just getting wet. Fortunately, there are a number of Ann Arbor Swimming Pools and more for kids to get wet and cool off this summer. The 11 places to get wet below may include an admission charge, but do not require a season membership.

Outdoor Pools

Nothing says summer like a lazy day at the local pool. There are several outdoor pools in the Ann Arbor area including the three City of Ann Arbor pools.

Ann Arbor Pools

Water Parks

Take it a step beyond the pool and visit a local water park. Enjoy slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, and more fun at various local water parks.

Ann Arbor Water Parks


Michigan is the Great Lakes state – so lakes are an obvious swimming choice. Sterling State Park in Monroe offers swimming on Lake Erie, or visit one of the many inland lakes near Ann Arbor. Check out our list of the Best Swimming Lakes near Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor Swimming Lakes

Spray Scapes

A Splash Playground or spray scape is a great way for young kids to get wet. Rolling Hills has a splash playground as part of the water park. Blue Heron Bay is mostly a splash playground, but has a slide tower so we have it classified as a water park.

Milan opened a splash playground in late summer 2021 and there are several in Canton and Plymouth.

Wilson Park

Milan added a Splash Pad to Wilson Park last summer. It is now on for the season. Note it will be closed during the Milan Fair.

We did not get a chance to visit lat summer, but will add it to our list this year.

Below is a glimpse of the playground during construction.

Proud to donate the electrical work to the new splash pad for the City of Milan, Michigan Government . Wilson Park.

Posted by Ringbloom Electrical Contracting LLC on Thursday, July 29, 2021

At a Glance

Address: 89 Wabash St, Milan
Season: May 26-September

Plymouth Sprayscape at Township Park

The Plymouth Sprayscape is 2600 square feet and includes 24 water features.

The park also boasts a wooden play structure that resembles a fort. The kids always have a great time letting their imaginations run wild as they explore the structure.

At a Glance

Address: 46640 W. Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth
Hours: 10a-7:30p
Season: Saturday of Labor Day-Memorial Day

Canton Heritage Park

Canton Heritage Park‘s is large park adjacent to Summit on the Park. The Splash Playground is near Summit on the Park Community Center with the Heritage Hideout playground is a short walk away, but not within sightlines.

We visited once years ago with a group when my daughter was not a big fan of Splash Playgrounds. At the time, my impression was that the splash playground was fairly small.

At a Glance

Address:1150 South Canton Center Dr, Canton
Hours: 11a-8p
Season: Memorial Day0-Labor Day

Flodin Park

Flodin Park in Canton features a splash pad and a playground.

While I haven’t been to Flodin Park yet, I love that the splash pad and playground right next to each other. My daughter was not as big of a fan of the splash pads as her friends and we would often be alone at the playground. With the proximity of the playground and the splash pad, parents can supervise both from the same spot.

Checkout this profile of Flodin Park from Metro Detroit Mommy.

At a Glance

Address:43399 Saltz Rd, Canton
Hours: 11a-8p
Season: Memorial Day0-Labor Day

Free Parks for Splashing

Our Parks for Splashing article includes free admission parks that have creeks, rivers, or lakes. These parks offer splashing all year with no admission fees! Note 2021 has been a very wet year. River and creek levels are higher than normal and faster moving. Use caution.

Ann Arbor Parks for Splashing

Go Tubing!

Tubing is another great way to get wet. We love tubing the Argo Cascades. You will definitely get wet and it an be quite a workout to stay in the current. For a more relaxing tubing experience, you can tube from the bottom of the cascades to Island Park. Tubing to Delhi Metropark is another relaxing tubing experience. You can start from Dexter-Huron Metropark or we started from Zeeb Rd (there is a small lot where the river crosses Zeeb.

Argo Cascades

Get Wet at Home!

Getting wet at home is always fun – and can be very inexpensive.

There is no end to the ways that kids can get wet at home. Some ideas are to break out the sprinkler, water guns, sponges, water balloons, kiddie pool, slip & slide, and so much more. When my daughter was a preschooler, I even filled her sled with water to give her a place to play with boats and splash a little. It was easier to fill and move than a kiddie pool since it doesn’t hold as much water and is designed to slide.

Water Guns at Home

Or go big and invest in an inflatable water park.

Indoor Pools

Check out our Indoor Pool Guide for indoor swim options. Indoor Pools include Mack Pool, Goldfish Swim School, Meri Lou Murray Rec Center, and Saline Rec Center.

It also includes indoor water parks like Splash Universe and Splash Village.It does not include pools that are only accessible to those with memberships..

Ann Arbor Indoor Pool Guide

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