Baby Playgroup at AADL (Ann Arbor District Library)

Baby Playgroup at Ann Arbor District Library

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We were regular attendees at the Ann Arbor District Library’s Baby Playgroup from the time my daughter was 5 months until she was 18 months. She loved the stories, seeing kids her age, and of course the play time. Play time is held once a day at various branch libraries including one evening session.

We started attending Baby Playgroup at AADL when she was 6 months old and continued until she was about 20 months old. At that point, the toys in the kids area of the library were more interesting to her than the playgroup toys and she didn’t like being with the younger children.

When we attended baby playgroup (2006-07), they would run 6-8 week sessions and then take a few weeks break before the next session. Now they offer the playgroups weekly. I definitely think this was a good change since you don’t have to keep track of whether it is an on or off week.


About Baby Playgroup at AADL

I would expect that Baby Playgroup at AADL is still very similar to the sessions that we attended since the schedule worked well. Playgroup would start with about 15 minutes of stories (typically told with props), rhymes, and songs, followed by 35-40 minutes of open play. At the conclusion, parents and babies help clean up the toys and often end with one more song. Toys at Baby Playtimes would vary by location and week. Some examples of toys we played with are Duplos, ride on toys, ball pits, cars, foam blocks, and musical toys.

Eggplant Rocker at Baby Playgroup
At Baby Playgroup

We would visit many of the morning play groups at various libraries and would see the same families also making the rounds.


Schedule for Baby Playgroup at AADL

Currently (Fall 2019), the baby playgroup schedule is:

  • Mondays – 10:30a at Downtown Branch
  • Tuesdays – 10a at Malletts Creek Branch
  • Wednesdays – 11a at Pittsfield Branch (Cancelled during Pittsfield Branch closure starting 9/23)
  • Thursdays – 2p at Westgate Branch
  • Thursdays – 6:30p at Malletts Creek Branch
  • Fridays – 10:30a at Traverwood Branch

Upcoming Baby Playgroups

The schedule below shows upcoming play groups:

No Events

Find More Events

For Baby Playgroup at AADL, see the full events calendar. The events are also available on the AADL events calendar under baby playgroup.

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