Summer Movie Clubhouse - Dollar Movies at Cinemark

Cinemark’s Summer Movie Clubhouse

Each summer the Cinemark Theater chain runs the Summer Movie Clubhouse at select theaters. The Cinemark on Carpenter Rd will be participating again this summer.

Summer Movie Clubhouse - Dollar Movies at Cinemark

Summer Movie Clubhouse Tickets

Tickets can be purchased for individual shows are $1. For just $5, you can purchase a bundle for all 10 shows. With 10 movies, you don’t even have to attend every week to make the bundle worthwhile. Individual movie tickets can be purchased at the theater. Bundles can be purchased in advance at the theater or on the Cinemark website.


Summer Movie Clubhouse Schedule

The 2019 Summer Movie Clubhouse includes recent animated movies. I am a bit disappointed that there are no classic movies included. Movies are shown at 10a on Tuesdays from June 18 through August 13.

The schedule varies by location to match up with the local school schedule and for day of the week, so if you are traveling, check for a local participating theater to get their schedule.

Movie Lineup

No Events

Other Discounted Movie Options

Emagine also offers a Summer Kids Movie Series. This year there is minimal overlap between the two series. The Emagine series offers a few older movies this summer.

Emagine Summer Kids Movie Series


Quality 16 typically runs a Dollar Movie program over the summer. They have not yet announced their 2019 Summer Movie program. I’ll be sure to share the Quality 16 information once it becomes available.


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