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Where Kids Bowl Free This Summer in Ann Arbor

Each Summer Kids Bowl Free allows kids to bowl free all summer long through the Kids Bowl Free Program. We’ve got all the program details and bowling alleys near Ann Arbor.

Kids Bowl Free registration for the summer of 2022, opens on March 1, 2022! We're just a few hours away from registration opening.Who do you want to go bowling with this summer?Tag all of your friends and family members who should sign up to join you.Registration opens at www.KidsBowlFree.com on 3/1/2022.

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How Does it Work

You need to register for Kids Bowl Free each summer. When you register, you select your Bowling Alley. Traditionally you received coupons each week by email. But, they now have an app you can download and redeem the program through.

Where Kids Bowl Free Near Ann Arbor

As of April 7, there are two participating bowling alleys near Ann Arbor.

While we typically focus on Washtenaw County locations, Super Bowl is not that far from eastern Washtenaw County, particularly Ypsilanti.

* Note: Kids Bowl Free lists it as Super Bowl, their website lists it as Spins Bowling, and their Facebook is called Super Bowl Lanes at Spins Bowl. They may be going through a name change as well.

You can also check out the full list of Kids Bowl Free locations – especially if your kids will be spending large parts of the summer elsewhere (another parent’s, grandparent’s, vacation home).

When Do Kids Bowl Free

Kids Bowl Free is a summer program. You need to register each year. The program runs May through August 31 at Station 300 and Super Bowl. Note Super Bowl does not participate on weekends.

At Station 300 Kids Bowl Free is listed as valid (subject to change):

  • Monday – noon-9p
  • Tuesday – noon-4p
  • Wednesday – noon-9p
  • Thursday – noon-9p
  • Friday – noon-6p
  • Saturday – noon-6p
  • Sunday – noon-8p

At Super Bowl, the hours are:

  • Monday – noon-8p
  • Tuesday – 9a-8p
  • Wednesday – noon-8p
  • Thursday – 5-8p
  • Friday – noon-5p

Summer 2022 Changes in Ann Arbor Area

Summer 2022 presents some changes in the program due to changes in bowling alleys. Bel-Mark Lanes on Jackson Rd has traditionally participated, but they are closing this spring after being purchased by Tesla. In Saline, Maplewood Lanes has traditionally participated as well. They have been purchased and are now Station 300 – and are still participating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible

Eligibility depends on the Bowling Alley. At Station 300 in Saline, kids need to be between ages 2-15. Super Bowl requires kids to be ages 2-12.

Do Kids Really Bowl Free?

Yes and No. Kids receive two free games a day during designated hours. However, bowling shoes are required and rentals are not included. If you plan to take advantage of Kids Bowl Free a lot, you may want to consider purchasing bowling shoes. I quickly looked on Amazon, and was disappointed in the price – $40+/pair. Still, if you plan to bowl frequently and have multiple kids you can pass them down to, it may be worth it.

What If I Want to Bowl with My Kids or Have Older Kids?

Unfortunately, parents don’t bowl free with their kids. However, Kids Bowl Free does offer a Family Pass program for parents, older siblings, caregivers, and other adults to pay a flat fee to join their kids all summer long.

At Station 300, a Family Pass for 4 adults (or teens) to join is $39.95. A Family Pass for 2 adults is $34.95. If you plan to go often, it is not a bad deal. In comparison, Station 300 charges $4.50/person/game. With kids receiving 2 games a day, taking 2 adults twice pays for the Family Pass for 2 adults.

Note, the Family Pass requires you to register the adult/teen participants and they cannot be changed through the season. The extra flexibility of the 4 adult pass is well worth the extra $5 to be able to include grandparents, siblings, both parents, etc even if for only one or two visits.

When Can We Bowl?

Hours vary by bowling alley and may be restricted at busy times.

Can I Bowl Free at Another Bowling Alleys?

Unfortunately, you can only registration for a single bowling alley per account. Your Family Pass is also only valid at one bowling alley.

Other Bowling Alleys Near Ann Arbor

There are additional bowling alleys near Ann Arbor that don’t participate in Kids Bowl Free. Find all Bowling Alleys in the Ann Arbor Area.

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