Pittsfield Township Park - Watch Planes on Runway

Pittsfield Township Park

This profile of Pittsfield Township’s Pittsfield Township Park Playground is part of our Tuesday Playground Profiles Series. Are you interested in sponsoring the series? Contact us for details.

Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area including Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Today we are profiling Pittsfield Township Park in Pittsfield Township.

Pittsfield Township’s Pittsfield Township Park

Pittsfield Township Park is a small park located at the Pittsfield Township Senior Center adjacent to the Ann Arbor Airport.


Pittsfield Township Park – Playground Features

Playground Profile Last Updated: July 1, 2022

Playground Best for: Kids Under 5, Kids 5-8
Structures: 1
Accessible Structure: No
Slides: 4, Straight Slide, Curved Slide, Racer Slide
Monkey Bars: Yes
Zip Line: No
Climbing Apparatus: No
Merry Go Round: No
Bouncers: No
See Saw: No
Sandbox: No
Swings: 4 traditional swings, 0 baby swings, 0 parent/baby swings, 0 adaptive swings, 0 tire swings
Ground Activities: No
Surface: Wooden Mulch
Shade: No –
Seating: Yes,

Swings picture

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Pittsfield Township Park – Park Details

Park Owner: Pittsfield Township
Location: Pittsfield Township Park, 1083 Airport Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Parking: Parking Lot – Lot at Senior Center or park along Aiprort Dr
Bathrooms: Yes, Seasonal
Walking Trails: No –
Water Play: None
Picnic Benches: Yes, Under Cover of Pavilion
Pavilion: Yes
Sports Fields: Baseball/Softball

Pittsfield Township Park Description

Pittsfield Township Park is a small park adjacent to the Ann Arbor Airport and the Pittsfield Township Senior Center. If your timing is right, your kids will be able to watch small planes take off and land at the airport while they are playing. 

The structure offers several slides – one twisty slide, one curved slide, and 2 side-by side slides. There was previously a tube slide but it has been removed between our original 2018 profile and our 2022 update.

Pittsfield Township Park - Structure - Twisty slide, tic tac toe, and broken bridge

My 12 year old was a big fan of their monkey bars. Not only were they tall enough for her to stay off the ground, the height of the bars changes. She did the more challenging direction where they increase in height.

Ann Arbor's Pittsfield Township Park - Wave Monkey Bars

The structure also includes a broken bridge, a tic tac toe board, and more.

The pavilion offers plenty of shaded seating and restrooms.

PIttsfield Township Park - Pavilion

The park is crowded on summer evenings during the baseball season (early summer). Parking is difficult and the playground is filled with siblings and kids before and after their games. Rather than a picture of an empty field, I’m sharing a throwback picture of my daughter playing t-ball at Pittsfield Township Park.

Ann Arbor's Pittsfield Township Park TBall


Events at Pittsfield Township Park

The Pittsfield Township Community/Senior Center is right next door to the park. As a preschooler, my daughter took several classes there. They also host some family-friendly events from Pittsfield Township.

Upcoming Events

No Events

Beyond Pittsfield Township Park

The Ann Arbor Airport is nearby and the playground offers a great view of the runway. Come play and watch planes take off and land.

Pittsfield Township Park is also close to Costco. Add a trip to the park to your Costco trip.


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