Ann Arbor UPick Farms

U-Pick Farms in the Ann Arbor Area

There are a number of Ann Arbor U-Pick Farms. Picking your own fruits and vegetables is a great family activity in the summer and fall. Not only will kids enjoy the time on the farm, but they will get to enjoy eating what they have picked or helping you cook with the produce.

Pick Your Own Seasons

Pick your own seasons vary by region. I find it so intriguing to see my friends in more southern locales start to pick a month or more before we do.

Each year the season varies slightly based on weather – temperatures and rainfall. This can impact when the season starts, how long it lasts, and when it ends.

We’ve put together a list with the approximate seasons:

  • Asparagus – May
  • Strawberries – Starts Late May-Early June, typically lasts a few weeks
  • Peas – Typically slightly behind strawberries
  • Cherries – End of June-Early July – typically a short season
  • Raspberries – A long season from Early July through October
  • Blueberries – A long season from mid-July through September
  • Peaches – Late July-August
  • Apples – Late August-October
  • Pumpkin – September & October

Pick Your Own Fruits

Most of the fruits available for u-pick are available at multiple farms. Check out our guides to picking popular fruits (arranged by the start of the season).



Strawberry season typically opens for u-pick in late May to mid June depending on the weather. There are several options for u-pick strawberries near Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor Strawberry Picking


Both sweet and tart cherries are great for you-pick. We love picking our own sweet cherries for snacking. Tart cherries are also great for making pies and baking. There are options for both in the Ann Arbor area…and nothing more fun than watching the tart cherry pitter at Spicer’s orchard.

Ann Arbor Cherry Picking



Raspberries are a great fruit to pick. With both summer and fall raspberries growing in the Ann Arbor area, the raspberry season runs from early July through October.

Ann Arbor Raspberry Picking


Blueberries are a great u-pick option. One of the things that I love about Blueberry season is that it lasts for awhile.

Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking


Wasem Fruit Farm in Milan offers u-pick red and black currants. For 2021, they anticipate opening u-pick black currants on July 9 or 11 (updated July 11). Check their Facebook page for updates. Wasem Fruit Farm is located at 6850 Judd Rd, Milan.


There are limited options for u-pick peaches in the Ann Arbor area.

Erie Orchards offers u-Pick Peaches. They offer several varieties with typical availability from the end of July through the end of August. Erie Orchards is located at 1235 Erie Rd, Erie.

Hazen’s Blueberry Farm in Howell previously offered U-Pick Peaches but no longer does. Kapnick Orchards lost most of their peach trees in 2014. They are waiting for new trees to mature before offering u-pick again.


We love picking apples. It is the one fruit that we consistently pick each year. Apple season typically starts around Labor Day and runs almost to Halloween with different varieties available at different times.

Ann Arbor Outdoor Activities - Ann Arbor Orchards & Cider Mills


There is two type of pumpkin picking – picking pie pumpkins for baking and picking Halloween pumpkins for carving. We cover both in our Pumpkin Patch Guide.

Ann Arbor Pumpkin Patches


Ann Arbor U-Pick Vegetables

There are a number of farms in the area that offer u-pick opportunities included above, as well as more u-pick options.

There are less farms offering pick your own vegetables. Most of these farms offer the vegetable in addition to fruits.

Slow Farm

In addition to being featured in our Strawberries guide, they also offer u-pick asparagus. Asparagus season typically starts in May. With Michigan’s stay at home order, they did not offer u-pick asparagus in 2020.

Rowe’s Produce Farm

Rowe’s is our favorite place to pick strawberries. They also offer u-pick peas which are available on close to the same schedule.


Other Local Produce Sources

Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are always a great choice for local produce. There are farmers markets almost every day of the week in the Ann Arbor area.

Ann Arbor Area Farmers Markets

CSA Farm Shares

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm Share provides you with a regular share of produce from a local farm. Most are offered weekly or every other week.

The Tantre Farm CSA Share includes some u-pick and an option to add additional u-pick of surplus produce. Strawberries, raspberries, and flowers are part of the CSA Share. Members can sometimes add u-pick of tomatoes, peas, green beans, basil, cucumbers, spinach, and greens based on crop surplus.


Farm Stands

Farm Stands are a great source for local produce. Check out the

  • White Lotus Farm Cart – 7217 W Liberty Rd
  • Argus Farm Stop – 325 W. Liberty & 1200 Packard St
  • Coleman’s Farm Market – 910 Ridge, Ypsilanti

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