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About Spicer Orchards

Spicer Orchards is a large orchard in Fenton that offers a wide variety of u-pick fruits as well as sunflowers, a corn maze, and even Santa. They are one of the only orchards offering u-pick cherries with both sweet and tart cherries. It is always fun to watch their pitting machine go to work on the tart cherries.

Ann Arbor Cherry Picking - Spicer Orchards Pitting Machine
The pitting machine in action pitting our cherries

They offer u-pick apples and are often one of the first to open as their apple crop includes early season (summer) apples. We have also picked blueberries while at the orchard for apples.

Be sure to stop in their market. Not only do they have cider and donuts available, they also have a winery which serves meals.

Activities Beyond U-Pick

Goats live at the playground

Play Area
Play Area Cost: $2
playgrounds, play house, slides

Wagon/Hay Rides
Wagon Ride Cost: Free with $5/person fruit purchase. Or $2
Take the wagon from the market to the picking field, Plus scenic train & hay rides in fall & winter.

Fall Activities

Corn Maze
Fall Fun Weekends
Scenic Wagon & Train Rides

Winter Activities

Visit Santa.
Take a train ride around the farm.


Spicer Orchards Farm Market, Cider Mill, Fudge, Bakery, 10411 Clyde Road, Fenton, MI, USA

Farm Hours

Summer: First wagon at 9a.
After Labor Day First Wagon at 9a
Last wagon goes out at 5:30p, returns around 6:15p
Market closes at 7p


Cider, Donuts, Ice Cream, Sandwiches, Other Meals, Winery, Alcoholic Beverages


Fresh Produce, Jams & Jellies, Unpopped Popcorn, Baked Items, Other Grocery Items

Crops at Spicer Orchards



Typical Season: Typically June 10-July 1
2022 Season: 2024: No longer picking
2022 Price: 2024: $4.50/lb for first 10 lbs, $3.75/lb additional
Picking Containers: Can buy theirs for $2 or bring your own – get it weighed first

Cherries on tree


Types of Cherries: Tart, Sweet
Typical Season: July 1-10
2022 Season: 2024: Tart Cherry – July 3: Picking over. No u-pick on sweet cherries this year
2022 Price: $3.50/tart, (2023: $4.50/lb for sweet)
Picking Containers: Can buy theirs for $2/container, or bring your own.

Raspberries ready for picking


Typical Season: July 5-October 15
2022 Season: 2024: Now picking as of June 18
2022 Price: $6/pound
Picking Containers: Can buy theirs for $1.50/container, or bring your own.

Blueberries ready for picking


Typical Season: Typically July 10-September 1
2022 Season: 2024: As of July 3, early season picking
2022 Price: $3.50/lb (2023 price, no update listed for 2024)
Picking Containers: Can buy theirs for $1.50/container, or bring your own.

Field of Sunflowers


Typical Season:
2022 Season: 8/12: No longer listed on the now picking site. 7/13: Now picking
Admission Price: Photo Pass: $5/small group (3-5 people includes 1 stem), $10/large group (6-10, incudes 2 stems). $25/large group (includes 3 stems)
Picking Allowed: Yes
Picking Price: $3/stem, $10/5 stems, $18/bucket.

Peaches ready for picking


Typical Season: mid-August-early September
2022 Season: 8/21: No longer picking. 8/12: Picking
2022 Price: TBA
Picking Containers: Must use theirs for $1-2/bag

Apples on tree


U-Pick Apples Cider Mill

Typical Season: mid August-end October
2022 Season: 8/21: Picking Summer Apples
2022 Price: 1 Peck: $20, 1/2 Bushel: $30, Bushel: $45
Picking Containers: Must use theirs. Available for $1-2/bag

Field of Pumpkins


Typical Season: September/October
2022 Season: No 2023 update yet
2022 Price: TBA

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