Zilke Sunflower Festival

About Zilke Sunflower Festival

Zilke Vegetable Farm has a 3 acre sunflower field. It is open to the public from August 6-29. Wander the path through half a million sunflowers. Explore the paths through the sunflowers and capture some great photos* of the kids amid the blooms. They will also have photo-op setups, tractors to sit on, and kid-sized flowers to walk through.

They do not offer u-pick. The farmstand will have cut flowers that have been cut and conditioned to ensure maximum vase life. The farmstand will also have fresh fruits and vegetables and an artist pop up shop.

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Crops at Zilke Sunflower Festival

Field of Sunflowers


Typical Season: August (2nd week to weekend before Labor Day)
2022 Season: August 8-28
Admission Price: Sunset hours: 6-dusk $10/all ages. Daytime hours: Weekends: $8 (ages 12-64), $7 (ages 4-11 & 65+). Weekdays: save $3.
Picking Allowed: No
Picking Price: U-Pick Not Available. Cut flowers are available for purchase

Field of Pumpkins


Typical Season:
2022 Season:
2022 Price:

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