Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking

Summer in Ann Arbor is a great time for fresh fruit. With different varieties, blueberry season can last for 6 weeks. We have picked blueberries in July and September in the past. Check out our Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking suggestions.

Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking


Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking Options

There are no blueberry picking options in Ann Arbor itself. However, there are several nearby options.

Dexter Blueberry Farm

Dexter Blueberry Farm is the closest blueberry patch to Ann Arbor. Their address is 11024 Beach Rd, Dexter. The 2019 season is scheduled to start on July 17. For 2019, their berries are $2.25/lb.

They are open 8:30a-7:30p Monday-Saturday and noon-6p on Sundays. For any updates on picking conditions, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking - Dexter Blueberry Farm

My daughter and I have picked at Dexter Blueberry Farm several times over the years. Check out our 2016 Activity Review which focused on Dexter Blueberry Farm.


Hazen’s Blueberry Farm

Hazen’s Blueberry Farm in Howell is another great choice for close to Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking. We visited Hazen’s Blueberry Farm in 2009. You can check out our review from then.

Hazen’s opens for the 2019 season on July 16. They are open 8a-7p Tuesday-Sunday. For 2019, their berries are $1.90/lb for u-pick, $3.50/lb for pre-picked.

Spicer Orchards

Blueberries is one of many u-pick crops at Spicer Orchards in Fenton. We picked blueberries there late one August when we were there for the start of the apple season.

Spicer Orchards’ address is 10411 Clyde Rd, Fenton. You can get updates on their Facebook page. I don’t currently see any details about blueberries for 2019.

Other Blueberry Picking Options

I have personally picked Blueberries at Dexter Blueberry Farm, Hazen’s Blueberry Farm, and Spicer Orchards over the years. I have found a couple of other nearby options as well.

Toth Brothers

Toth Brothers in Grass Lake. They have no website or social media. In past years, my calls for details went unanswered. In the past they have not used pesticides on their berries.  Minimal information can be found on the PickYourOwn website.

Toth Brother’s phone number is (517) 522-4796. Their address is 13007 East Michigan Avenue, Grass Lake, MI 49240.

Kapnick Orchards

Lenawee County’s Kapnick Orchards offers pick your own Blueberries. As of July 1, they estimated their Blueberry season to start in about 3 weeks. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates. Kapnick Orchard’s address is 4245 Rogers Hwy., Britton.

Erie Orchards

Erie Orchards in Erie offers u-pick blueberries. Don’t miss their Blueberry Festival July 13-14. The 2019 season started just in time for the festival. For the 2019 season u-pick blueberries are $2.99/lb. Their address is 1235 Erie Rd, Erie, MI. 

Blueberry Picking Tips

Be sure to check with the farm for current conditions before making the trip.


What to Bring:

  • Dress for the weather. The week we picked was chilly, so we wore jeans. This weekend is scheduled to be hot, so dress to stay cool.
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Water – make sure to stay hydrated
  • Bring a container or use one of theirs. Some places charge for picking containers.
  • Cash. Dexter Blueberry Farm is cash only
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