Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking

Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking

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Summer in Ann Arbor is a great time for fresh fruit. With different varieties, blueberry season can last for 6 weeks. We have picked blueberries in July and September in the past. Check out our Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking suggestions. Note: We are currently in the process of updating for 2021.


Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking Options

There are no blueberry picking options in Ann Arbor itself. However, there are several nearby options.

Find a Blueberry Field Near You

Depending on where you live in the Ann Arbor area or where your travels take you, certain blueberry farms may be more convenient than others.


Dexter Blueberry Farm

Dexter Blueberry Farm is the closest blueberry patch to Ann Arbor. They opened Friday, July 17 for picking.

They have made several changes for 2020. Bring your own bucket or purchase one for $1. They will not be providing ropes for buckets this year. Wearing the bucket makes it so easy, so I would bring my own bucket with a rope.

They do NOT have hand-washing stations so bring your own hand sanitizer and water to drink. Please wear masks when near staff and anyone not in your familiy group.

As with many farms, their Facebook page is the best source for updates on picking conditions, opening dates, and current precautions.

Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking - Dexter Blueberry Farm

My daughter and I have picked at Dexter Blueberry Farm several times over the years. Check out our 2016 Activity Review which focused on Dexter Blueberry Farm. However, be warned that some procedures may be different in 2020 due to social distancing.

At a Glance

Address: 11024 Beach Rd, Dexter
Hours: 8a-7:30p Mon-Sat, noon-6p Sunday (2020 hours)
Opening Date: estimated at July 17, 2021
Price: $2.50
Notes: Bring a clean bucket or buy one from them for $1.
Accepts credit & debit, exact change cash preferred

Hazen’s Blueberry Farm

Hazen’s Blueberry Farm in Howell is another great choice for close to Ann Arbor Blueberry Picking. We visited Hazen’s Blueberry Farm in 2009. You can check out our review from then.

Hazen’s plans to open for the 2021 season on July 10. They are open 8a-7p Tuesday-Sunday. Their website lists berries at $1.90/lb for u-pick, $3.50/lb for pre-picked. These were their 2020 prices. I don’t know whether they have not been updated or remain the same for 2021. They accept pre-orders for baked goods and pre-picked blueberries. Pre-orders are strongly suggested especially for baked goods.

At a Glance

Address: 1144 Peavy Rd, Howell
Hours: 8a-7 Tuesday-Sunday
Opening Date: July 8
Price: $1.90/lb
Other Items: Baked Goods & Pre-Picked Blueberries


Blueville Acres

Blueville Acres is located in Huron Township near Belleville. They offer u-pick blueberries. They are not certified organic, but are a no spray farm. As such, they ask you to apply sunscreen and bug repellent at your vehicle.

As of July 6 they are waiting for the blueberries to be ready. They have had a small amount of pre-picked berries available, but are waiting for more to ripen before opening for u-pick.

At a Glance

Address: 38093 Judd Rd, Huron Township
Hours: Varied to Allow for Ripening
Opening Date: Not known yet
Notes: Cash Only


Spicer Orchards

Spicer Orchards is conveniently located off of US-23. They offer a wide variety of u-pick fruits. In addition to blueberries, they are well known for their apples and cherries.

Blueberry season runs from mid-July to late August or early September. This means blueberry season overlaps with many other fruits. At the start of the season, they are currently picking cherries and raspberries. Late in the season they sometimes overlap with apples.

At a Glance

Address: 10411 Clyde Road, Fenton
Hours: 8a-6p Daily
Opening Date: July 5
$ for less than 10 lbs, $2.95/lb over 10 lbs
Other Products: Raspberries, Cherries, Peaches, Sunflowers, Apples, Winery


Kapnick Orchards

Lenawee County’s Kapnick Orchards offers pick your own Blueberries. As of July 5, their website says 2020 and they do not have blueberries this year. I don’t know if they will have u-pick blueberries for 2021. Their Facebook page has not yet mentioned u-pick blueberries.

At a Glance

Address: 4245 Rogers Hwy, Britton
Hours: 7a-6p Monday-Saturday, 9a-5p Sunday
Opening Date: ??
$2.75 for 2019
Other Products: Apples, Cherries, Peaches

Erie Orchards

Erie Orchards in Erie offers u-pick blueberries. The 2020 season started on July 11. For the 2020 season u-pick blueberries are $2.99/lb. Blueberries are also available pre-picked in the store: 1/2 Pint is $2.99, a Pint is $4.99.

Don’t miss their Red Haven Peach Festival August 8 & 9.

At a Glance

Address: 1235 Erie Rd
Hours: 9a-7p Monday-Saturday, 11a-6p Sunday
Opening Date: July 11
Other Products: Apples, Cherries, Peaches, donuts, Cider Slushies


A-Z Blueberry Farm – CLOSED

After our initial publication for 2021 they announced the sale of their farm. If we get information for new owners we will update.

A-Z Blueberry Farm in Willis Michigan is a small blueberry farm. Because they are a small farm, they may need to close to allow berries to ripen if they get too busy. Check their Facebook page for updates.

They are not certified organic, but they never spray their blueberries.

They provide lined pails for picking (the handle is disinfected between uses).

At a Glance

Address: 8794 Bunton Rd, Willis
Hours: Varied. Check Facebook
Opening Date: July 7
$12/pail (5 qts, about 6 lbs)
Notes: Cash preferred. No spray farm

Other Blueberry Picking Options

I have personally picked Blueberries at Dexter Blueberry Farm, Hazen’s Blueberry Farm, and Spicer Orchards over the years. I have found a couple of other nearby options as well.

Toth Brothers

Toth Brothers in Grass Lake. They have no website or social media. In past years, my calls for details went unanswered. In the past they have not used pesticides on their berries.  Minimal information can be found on the PickYourOwn website.

Toth Brother’s phone number is (517) 522-4796. Their address is 13007 East Michigan Avenue, Grass Lake, MI 49240.


Blueberry Picking Tips

Be sure to check with the farm for current conditions before making the trip. Sometimes they close early or are closed for a few days – particularly at the beginning or end of the season when berries are less plentiful.

What to Bring:

  • Dress for the weather. We have picked when it was hot in July and cool in September.
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Water – make sure to stay hydrated
  • Bring a container or use one of theirs. Some places charge for picking containers.
  • Cash. Some farms are cash only, or prefer cash.


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