Jump Island Brighton – Wednesday Activity Review

Jump Island is an inflatable water park. Climbers, slides, bouncers, and more all floating in a lake at Brighton State Recreation Area. My daughter and I visited Jump Island Brighton with friends earlier this week. The 2018 season begins on Friday, May 25 and ends on Labor Day (Monday, September 3).

Jump Island Brighton

We had a great time at Jump Island Brighton. My daughter loved all of the climbing and balance obstacles. There were plenty of islands for the adults to sit and watch.


Jump Island Video

While I was more of a photographer and videographer, I did enjoy getting the up close look at the obstacles. Note, you will get wet, so you should only take a waterproof camera into the lake. Check out the video from our visit:

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Except for the first photo taken from the shore, all photos and videos in this article were taken with my Campark Waterproof Camera. I’ve only used it a few times, but it’s been very reliable and is quite affordable.

Our Thoughts on Jump Island Brighton

My daughter had a blast. She loved having a friend with her. I definitely recommend visiting with either friends or siblings. The kids were challenging each other and having fun trying to complete some of the balance obstacles.

I do recommend going early since it tends to be less crowded early in the day. It was easier to complete some obstacles when there was less motion in the water. Additionally, there were shorter waits for things like the Iceberg Climber. Even the dome was nicer when there were less people on it.

On the downside, I think they need more lifeguards. During our first session, there were only 1 or 2 on the islands and they could not see the entire course. Even later, they only had 3 lifeguards out on the islands.

My daughter warns that most of the obstacles are in fairly deep water. However, the log was in shallower water and she scraped her foot on the bottom of the lake when she fell off.


Jump Island Sessions

A session starts on every hour and lasts for 45 minutes. At that point, they clear the lake. This allows for safety checks, lifeguard breaks, and safety instruction for guests.

We had the first session of the day. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but it was the perfect time since it wasn’t very crowded. By our third session it was much more crowded.

Jump Island Brighton - Rock Wall

Visit Jump Island Brighton

Jump Island Brighton is in the Brighton State Recreation Area (6140 Bishop Lake Road). After entering the recreation area, follow the signs to the Beach Area. Jump Island has a trailer on the trail from the parking lot to the beach.

Jump Island’s hours are:

  • Sunday – Thursday – 10a-7p
  • Friday – Saturday 10a-8p

They are open through Labor Day. The are planning to reopen for the 2018 season.

Jump Island Brighton - Queen of the Mountain


Book your tickets in advance! We booked ours the night before and most of the times for the day were sold out (and that was on a cool weekday).

Jump Island offers two types of tickets. You can buy individual sessions or a VIP Pass. Each individual session is 45 minutes. A second session can be added at a discount. The VIP Pass that is good for 3 consecutive sessions. Individual Sessions starts at $15 with a second session for $10 and additional sessions for $5. A VIP Pass provides 3 sessions for $25 (additional sessions are $5). An all day pass is $50.

The best deal for Jump Island is a Groupon which is available for 1, 2, 4, 6, or even 10 people. Check out our affiliate link:

In addition to your Jump Island ticket, you will need admission to Brighton State Recreation Area. We carpooled with our friends who have the state Recreation Passport. We want to return next year, so I’ll make sure to add it when I renew my vehicle registration next month.

Who Can Jump?

Kids need to be at least 48″ to participate. There is no swimming requirement as everyone wears a life jacket. However, I recommend it for kids who are comfortable in the water. Even with the life jackets, you still get dunked at the bottom of slides or if you jump off the islands.

We went with friends and while the adults jumped, we did not need as long as the kids. You could definitely do just a single session for the adults and the VIP pass for the kids (unless you have younger kids who will want help).

Jump Island Brighton - Course


What to Bring to Jump Island Brighton

Pack like you would for a day at the beach. We brought sunscreen, water bottles, and of course towels. There are picnic benches available near the beach, however they filled up quickly. If you come later in the afternoon, I suggest bringing chairs or a blanket for the beach.

I also suggest packing a lunch or at least snacks. We didn’t pack lunch and went out on our way home. But, we did wish that we had brought some snacks.

Other Locations

There are two other Jump Island locations in Michigan. Jump Island Holly and Jump Island Ionia. Like the Brighton location, these locations are also in state recreation areas. While Brighton is closer, one of the other locations may work better for you if you are meeting family or friends who live outside of the Ann Arbor area.

Jump Island Brighton will definitely make our list of Places to Get Wet for 2018.

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