Top of the Park Movie LIneup

2019 Top of the Park Movie Lineup Announced

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Ann Arbor Summer Festival has announced their 2019 Top of the Park Movie Lineup.

Top of the Park Movie LIneup

After a disappointing lineup last year, I like this year’s lineup much better. The best news is that Top of the Park starts after school ends this year. The last two years it seems like the movies my daughter was most interested in were shown the first week during school.


My family loves attending Top of the Park, particularly when we can meet up with friends. My daughter and I particularly enjoy seeing the movies. On the other hand, my husband doesn’t like the late hour of the movies since he has to work the next day.

Our Experiences at Top of the Park

We love attending Top of the Park. On nights that we plan to see the movie, we typically have dinner at home and arrive around 9p. Check out our Review from attending a Top of the Park movie in 2014. Even if we don’t stay for the entire movie, my daughter enjoys watching part of the movie. Since we have many of the movies on DVD or accessible via Netflix or Amazon Prime, we’ll continue watching the movie the next day.

I’m hoping we can attend a few more Top of the Park events this year as a family. With the end of the conflict with school, we just have to juggle my daughter’s softball schedule – and the weather.


Snacks are available at Culinary Row. The 2019 Food Vendors have not yet been announced, but you can usually buy drinks, ice cream, popcorn, and cotton candy. Personally, I’m hopeful that Slows BBQ will return for the nights that we have dinner at Top of the Park.

2019 Top of the Park Movie Lineup

All of the movies for Top of the Park will be added to our Event Calendar later today. Movies are at 10p Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This year all of the movies are rated PG or PG-13 except for Eighth Grade which is rated R. It is included on our calendar for completeness.

The movie lineup is below:

No Events

I am happy to see Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. We have been talking about watching it with our 13 year old. I know she’s also excited for Black Panther and I’d like to take her to see Field of Dreams. Frozen and Paddington are a great choice for younger kids.

The movies are also listed on the Ann Arbor Summer Festival Calendar.


More Top of the Park Events

Our Top of the Park Kids Guide is being updated for 2019 as KidZone and other activities are announced.

Ann Arbor 2019 Top of the Park Kids Guide

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