10 Places to Get Wet: Ann Arbor Swimming Pools, Water Parks, and Sprayscapes

Now that Labor Day has passed, most of the locations below are closed.

Our Parks for Splashing Article includes parks that have creeks, rivers, or lakes.

Ann Arbor Parks for Splashing

For indoor pools and water parks, check out our Indoor Pool Guide which includes Open Swim hours.

Ann Arbor Indoor Pool Guide



One of my daughter’s favorite parts of summer is the water – whether it’s swimming, water slides, splash parks, or just getting wet. With the hot start to the summer of 2016, it’s a good thing that there are a number of Ann Arbor Swimming Pools and more for kids to get wet and cool off this summer. In order to make our list, membership cannot be required for admission.

Ann Arbor Swimming Pools & Other Places to Get Wet

This summer, we plan to re-visit many of these locations to update our photos and provide more information. Note: This list was originally written in 2015, but was updated for 2017.

City of Ann Arbor Swimming Pools

The City of Ann Arbor runs 3 outdoor pools that are open to the public. There are both daily admission and a season pass (individual or family) option. The decision between a pool pass or daily admission will depend in part on your family size and the frequency with which you expect to use the pool.

1. Buhr Park Pool

Buhr Park Pool is one component of Buhr Park (2751 Packard Rd). The park also has a small playground, outdoor ice rink (in the winter), sports fields, tennis courts, and Cobblestone Farm. Buhr Park Pool offers a separate zero-entry tot pool with spray features and water toys.

Ann Arbor Pools - Buhr Park Pool Tot Splash

2. Veterans Memorial Pool

Veterans Memorial (Vets) Pool is located at 2150 Jackson Ave. Vets Pool offers a water slide and a zero-entry kids area with water spray areas. Don’t miss our Veterans Park Playground Profile.


Swim Lessons at Veterans Park (Many years ago)

3. Fuller Park Pool

Fuller Park Pool is part of the Fuller Park Complex. In addition to the pool, Fuller Park (1519 Fuller Rd) includes sports fields and a wooden play structure. Fuller Park Pool has a water slide that looks really cool from the road. We have never been to this pool though, so my daughter has not tried it. She has been asking to do a Playground Profile on Fuller Park. After arriving at the park in mid-May, I discovered her real motivation was to try the water slide. She’ll have to wait until later this summer.

Admission and Hours for City of Ann Arbor Pools

Admission to the Ann Arbor Parks is $5 adults (18-54), $4 for youth (age 4-17) and seniors (ages 55+), and free for children 3 & under accompanied by an adult. The cost of a seasonal membership varies based on the date of purchase, residency status, and membership option.

Open Swim Hours

Veterans Memorial Pool & Buhr Park Pool have the same open swim hours:

  • May 27-June 18
    • Weekends & Holiday noon-7p
    • Weekdays 3:30-7p
  • June 19-September 4
    • Weekends & Holidays: 1-8p
    • Weekdays: noon-8p

Fuller Park is open:

  • May 27-June 18
    • Daily: 1-8p
  • June 19-September 4
    • Weekends: 1-8p
    • Weekdays: 10:30a-8p (Day camps & groups are welcome after 1p)
Tot Splash

Buhr Park & Veterans Memorial offer Tot Splash just for kids age 7 and under with a parent/caregiver. Tot Splash begins on June 19.

  • Buhr Park Pool
    • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: 10a-1p
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays: noon-1p
  • Veterans Memorial Pool
    • Mondays-Fridays (except holidays): noon-1p
Lessons & Swim Team

Each of the Ann Arbor Swimming Pools offers swim lessons. My daughter did swim lessons at Veterans Park for several years. Veterans and Buhr Park also offer swim teams. My daughter loved being on the swim team last year (her first year) and is looking forward to it again.

Other Pool Options

A reader recommended Ypsilanti’s Rutherford Pool as another great outdoor pool option that offers a daily admission option.

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Washtenaw County Water Parks

The two Washtenaw County Water Parks are each a portion of a larger county park. Each county park has a daily vehicle admission fee ($6 Washtenaw County Residents, or $10 for non-residents) and separate admission to the water park. We typically buy an annual vehicle pass ($30/Washtenaw County Residents, $45/non-residents) that is valid for all Washtenaw County Parks since we visit several times a year.

4. Rolling Hills Water Park

Rolling Hills Water Park is part of Rolling Hills County Park (7660 Stony Creek Rd, Ypsilanti Township). The water park at Rolling Hills is quite extensive featuring a wave pool, two slide towers, zero entry section, and a lazy river. They also have a sandy area and a spray scape. My daughter loves Rolling Hills Water Park! We always have a great time as a family when we visit, especially after they added a second slide tower a few years ago.

Rolling Hills Water Park - Zero Entry Pool

Rolling Hills Admission

Admission to Rolling Hills Water Park is based on day of the week, height, and residency status. Children 36″ tall or less are always admitted free of charge, so they are not included on the table below:

  • Washtenaw County Resident
    • Weekday (after 5p)
      • Adult – $8 ($6)
      • Children 36-42″ $6 ($4)
    • Weekend/Holiday
      • Adult $10
      • Children 36-42″ $8
  • Non-Resident
    • Weekday (after 5p)
      • Adult – $10 ($7)
      • Children 36-42″ $8 ($5)
    • Weekend/Holiday
      • Adult $13
      • Children 36-42″ $11
Rolling Hills Hours

Rolling Hills Hours of Operation vary through the season.

  • Weekends & Holidays: 11a-8p
  • Weekdays
    • May 30-June 9: 11a-5p
    • June 12-August 18: 11a-7p
    • August 21-September 1: 11a-5p

5. Blue Heron Bay at Independence Lake

Blue Heron Bay is a spray scape with a slide tower at Independence Lake. Admission to Blue Heron Bay is $4 for Washtenaw County Residents and $5 for non-residents. Admission is discounted by $1 after 5p on weekdays. Children under 2 are free. They are open from 11a-7p. We have really enjoyed Blue Heron Bay when we have visited.

Water Dump at Independence Lake's Blue Heron Bay

In addition to Blue Heron Bay, you can also swim in Independence Lake. Unfortunately Blue Heron Bay is not adjacent to the swimming beach and you may need to drive between the locations.

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Free Spray Scapes

In addition to the pools and county parks, there are sprayscapes located in Plymouth and Canton. These sprayscapes offer a free place for kids to run through the water and get throroughly soaked. These parks are on our list for playground profiles and to check out the sprays capes.

6. Plymouth Sprayscape

The Plymouth Sprayscape is at 46640 W. Ann Arbor Trail, just east of Beck Rd. The sprayscape is free and operates from 10a-7:30p from the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. The sprayscape is free to use. The park also boasts a wooden play structure that resembles a fort. The kids always have a great time letting their imaginations run wild as they explore the structure.

7. Canton Splash Playgrounds

There are two splash playgrounds in Canton: Canton Heritage Park and Flodin Park. Both splash playgrounds operate from Memorial Day through Labor Day. They are open 11a-8p daily.

Canton Heritage Park

Canton Heritage Park‘s address is 1150 South Canton Center Dr. Once inside the park, the Splash Playground is near Summit on the Park Community Center. We visited once years ago with a group when my daughter was not a big fan of Splash Playgrounds. At the time, the splash playground seemed fairly small.

Flodin Park

Flodin Park is on Saltz Rd between Morton Taylor Rd and Sheldon Road. I haven’t been to Flodin Park yet.

Indoor Options

Cool summer days that don’t break the 70 degree threshold mean that the local outdoor pools do not open. So, it is always nice to have an indoor option.

8. Indoor Water Park: Splash Universe or Splash Village

Splash Village

Zehnder’s Splash Village in Frankenmuth is a fun indoor water park that was expanded recently. This new expansion is light, airy, and offers a number of thrill slides for older kids. Day passes are available, but they are fairly pricey ($42/full day, $35/half day). It is also a little further from Ann Arbor than Splash Universe.

zehnders-splash-village-drop-slide-conqueredSplash Universe

Splash Universe is in Dundee, about 20 minutes south of Ann Arbor. They offer water slides, spray scrapes, and a lazy river as well as a zero entry kids pool. Be sure to mention that you are from Washtenaw County as they typically offer a discounted daily admission rate for local residents.


9. Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School is located at 2107 W. Stadium Blvd in Ann Arbor. They offer swim lessons in their heated pool. They also offer public open swim times from noon-1p on Monday through Thursday, 7-8p on Fridays, and 6-7:30p on Sundays.

10. Get Wet at Home!

There’s no reason that kids can’t enjoy getting wet at home which is good since there is no end to the ways that kids can get wet at home. Some ideas are to break out the sprinkler, water guns, sponges, water balloons, kiddie pool, slip & slide, and so much more. I even filled my daughter’s sled with water to give her a place to play with boats and splash a little when she was a preschooler. It was easier to fill and move than a kiddie pool since it doesn’t hold as much water and is designed to slide.


What about your family? Where do your kids like to get wet around Ann Arbor? What is your favorite Ann Arbor Swimming Pool?

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