What's Open & Closed in Ann Arbor on July 4th - Shop keeper adjusts open sign in shop window

Places Open on 4th of July Near Us

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Are you wondering what is open on July 4th around Ann Arbor? We’ve started our list for 2023 and will continue to update as we see announcements.

As a federal holiday, many locations are closed. Some places are open regular hours. Others have a reduced schedule to allow employees to spend time with their families.


Open on Fourth of July

You may be wondering “Is Meijer open on the 4th of July? Are grocery stores open on July 4th? What Restaurants near me are open on July 4th? We’ve looked around and gotten some answers. The answer is yes. to the first two and some restaurants are open,

Meijer is typically open on 4th of July. I couldn’t find their hours, but their sales run through July 4th. So are most other large grocery stores – at least for limited hours. Some of the smaller local grocery stores may not be open.

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Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village

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Several local farms are open for u-pick today.

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Closed for July 4th Near Us

Check out the list of places closed for 4th of July near me.


Closed on Monday, July 3rd

  • UMMNH – Closed Monday July 3 & Tuesday July 4
  • Maiz Mexican Cantina – Closed July 2nd-4th
  • The Little Seedling – Closed July 3-8

Do you know of more places that are open or closed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll update the list. We’ll also be watching for more opening and closure announcements and updating over the next few days.


Special Events on July 4th

Don’t miss out on our list of Fourth of July Celebrations. And remember if you want to see a fireworks display, most of them are before July 4th.

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All Events on Fourth of July:

Firecracker 5K & Fun Run
at Briarwood Mall, Ann Arbor Michigan
July 4th Family Workout
at Slauson Middle School, Ann Arbor Michigan
Whitmore Lake Fourth of July Parade
at Whitmore Lake, Whitmore Lake Michigan
Ypsilanti Fourth of July Parade
at Depot Town, Ypsilanti Michigan
4th of July Community Picnic
at Riverside Park, Ypsilanti Michigan
Lunch Listen, & Learn
at Ypsilanti District Library – Michigan Ave Branch, Ypsilanti Michigan

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