Ann Arbor Sunflower Fields & Festivals

Ann Arbor Sunflower Fields

Are you looking for Ann Arbor Sunflower Fields? I had heard from friends in other cities that these are popular, but did not know there were any near Ann Arbor. Then, I shared a Facebook post from a local farm and had people share more sunflower locations.

Ann Arbor Sunflower Fields

You will notice a wide range of seasons across the different sunflower fields. Some farms open in early July, others in August. Some have long seasons, others have short seasons. Some farms with long seasons talk about different varieties becoming available later. My guess is the season depends on how many varieties you have and when each one blooms.

Zilke Sunflower Festival

Zilke Vegetable Farm has a 3 acre sunflower field. It is open to the public from August 6-29. Wander the path through half a million sunflowers. Explore the paths through the sunflowers and capture some great photos* of the kids amid the blooms. They will also have photo-op setups, tractors to sit on, and kid-sized flowers to walk through.

They do not offer u-pick. The farmstand will have cut flowers that have been cut and conditioned to ensure maximum vase life. The farmstand will also have fresh fruits and vegetables and an artist pop up shop.

Don’t miss their “The Great ARTdoors” art installation.

* Note professional photographers will need to purchase a season photography pass.

At a Glance

Address: 12491 Carpenter Rd, Milan
2021 Season: August 6-29
Hours: 11a-6p
Friday-Sunday $8/pp,
Monday-Thursady $5/pp
Children 2-13 $3/pp
Seniors 65+ $4/pp


DeBuck’s Sunflower Farm

DeBuck’s Sunflower Farm offers both sunflower and lavender fields

During sunflower and lavender season, DeBucks is offering some classes at an additional cost. Yoga Classes are offered on Friday and Saturday at 11a for $25. The class includes 1 hr yoga class, admission to fields, and a u-pick bag of sunflowers or bundle of lavender. Art Classes are offered for ages 10+ on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 1p for $50. They include the Be Creative painting party of either a sunflower or lavender with all supplies including a 16×20″ canvas, admission to fields, small bag of sunflowers or bundle of lavender.

They are currently selling tickets through August 28. In the past the sunflower fields have been open in September and overlapped with the corn maze. We will check later int he season to see if they still have tickets in September.

Tickets available for U-pick sunflowers and lavender! Come out to the farm for photos, U-pick flowers, and an amazing…

Posted by DeBuck's Sunflower Farm on Thursday, July 15, 2021

At a Glance

Address: 50240 Martz Rd, Belleville
2021 Season: June 30-August 28 (as of July 14)
Hours: 9a-2p select Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays


Schell Family Farm

Schell Family Farm has 7 acres of sunflower blooms and 3 newly added wildflower acres. You can explore the fields, wander their maze, take pictures, and pick flowers.

Schell Family Farm was hoping to open for Sunflowers on Friday, July 16. But the rain and overcast skies have stopped the flowers from blooming. They hope to open Thursday, July 22.

We were hoping to open this Friday, but unfortunately we won't be able to. We asked for rain, and Mother Nature…

Posted by Schell Family Farm on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

2021 Pricing has not been announced. 2019 Pricing was: Admission is $4/adult including one free flower. Children are free with adults. Additional flowers are $2/each or $9/6 flowers.

At a Glance

Address: 10055 Dexter Pinckney Rd,, Pinckney
2021 Season: Tentatively open July 22
Hours: Thursday-Sunday 9a-4p

Spicer Orchards

Spicer Orchards in Fenton added sunflowers for summer 2019. As of July 14, they list Sunflowers as Coming Soon with no additional details.

In addition to sunflowers, Spicer Orchards offers a wide variety of u-pick fruits. They are currently offering blueberry picking which will continue into sunflower season. Peaches are also coming soon and should be available during sunflower season.

I love how convenient Spicer Orchards is to US-23. No driving long distances on dirt roads!

At a Glance

Address: 10411 Clyde Rd, Fenton
2021 Season: Listed as coming soon on July 14
Hours: 9a-7p


Gust Brothers Farm Sunflower Trail

Gust Flower & Produce Farm offers cut-your-own flowers, a 4 acre sunflower trail, and pick-your-own vegetables. Note, there is no cutting on the sunflower trail, there is a separate cutting area.

In addition to the sunflower trail and u-cut flowers, they also offer u-pick vegetables. U-pick vegetables are $9/peck mix and match.

As of a June 30 Facebook post, they estimated opening in 2 weeks with new offerings for 2021. As of noon on July 15, they have not updated since (as of July 15). In the comments on this post I see Friday’s rain will likely affect whether they open this weekend. Their website still has 2020 information.

We have flowers on the brain today! With the recent rain, our flowers are growing well. We plan to open in about 2 weeks and have lots of new and exciting things in store for the 2021 summer season. Stay tuned!

Posted by Gust Flower and Produce Farm on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

At a Glance

Address: 11998 Rodesiler Dr., Ottawa Lake
2021 Season: Estimated at Mid-July
Hours: hours
As of 2020 website update: $5 to Sunflower Trail plus $9 for 1 quart of you-cut flowers


Muddy Acres Cut Flower Farm

Muddy Acres offers U-Pick Farm Visits and has sunflowers. Since they are primarily a cut-flower farm, most of their sunflowers are harvested early in the bloom stages. A limited number are available for u-pick.

The sunflower field is currently scheduled for September.

Advance reservations are required, and they do sell-out. When you buy your ticket, you can choose a just looking pass or a bouquet cutting pass.

At a Glance

Address: 9777 Warren Rd, Plymouth
2021 Season: Various Dates through August 7th for general flowers. Sunflowers are scheduled for September
Hours: 9-11a & 6-8p options available
$10 just to look, $25 to look and pick a bouquet


Manchester Blooms

Manchester Blooms Flower Farm is a 5 acre space with more than a dozen giant flower beds separated by wide grass rows.

Their Facebook page notes that sunflowers had a rough start for 2021. While the sunflowers are bouncing back, they will be more spindly and less bushy than in the past.

We’ve updated our hours and are excited to have you come! We open Thursday, 7/15 at 9 am. Please review our website to…

Posted by Manchester Blooms on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

At a Glance

Address: 10722 Bethel Chruch Rd, Manchester
2021 Season: Opens July 15 through September
Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 9a-1p, Wednesday 8-11a, Friday/Saturday 10a-7p, Sunday 10a-2p
1/2 dozen sunflowers for $7. Other flowers $25/9 quart bucket, 2 quart watering can $15, 22oz licensed character cup $7. Bulk discounts available


Find Sunflower Fields Near Me

Are you wondering “Where can I Find a Sunflower Field Near Me?” Check out the map below of sunflower fields in the Ann Arbor area.

Tips for Visiting a Sunflower Farm

Our friends at Jersey Family Fun, shared their 11 Tips for Visiting a Sunflower Farm.

The most important tip I found was to make sure you check the farm rules. They do all have rules about whether cutting is allowed, pre-purchased tickets are required, payments accepted, length of visit and more. Especially with social distancing for 2021, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules even if it’s a place you have visited for years.

Other than that, I also liked the suggestions to bring your own shears and a water bottle as a vase.

What tips do you have to add?

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  1. Just west of the City of Saline, this amazing farm is bursting with sunflowers in late summer.  A must see with a long history, the Finkbeiners have been growing sunflowers for the past several decades on a rotating basis (every 3-4 years).  Their seeds have been recommended by the Audubon Society and Audubon is now printed on their seed bags.  The seeds are sold in bulk to independent stores and are available locally at Downtown Home Garden in Ann Arbor.

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