Allmendinger Park

This profile of Allmendinger Park is part of our Summer Series: Tuesday Playground Profiles

Today we’re kicking off our Tuesday Summer Series: Playground Profiles. Each week we will explore a different playground in the Ann Arbor area. Playgrounds will be selected from Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Some weeks we will feature a single “destination” playground that is worth a drive for. Other weeks we will feature smaller local playgrounds. Destination playgrounds can become quite crowded with groups or camps, so neighborhood parks can be a good alternative.

 We are starting our Playground Profiles with Allmendinger Park.

Allmendinger Park

Allmendinger is a “destination” park that people visit from around Ann Arbor. With a shady playground, it is a great park for sunny summer days.

Allmendinger Park Sign


Address: 655 Pauline Blvd, Ann Arbor 48103
Unique Features: Allmendinger Park’s playground features a Merry Go Round. It is the only one that I know of in the Ann Arbor area. Starting in winter 2016, Allmendinger was one of the Ann Arbor parks to have a skating rink.

Allmendinger Park Merry-Go-Round Swings: 2 regular, 1 bucket, 1 adaptive swing
Surface: Woodchips
Bathrooms: Yes
Shade: Yes
Pavilion: No. There are several picnic tables in the shade near the playground
Sports Fields: 2 softball, 1 basketball, 1 tennis


Walking Trails: Allmendinger Park does not have walking trails
Parental Warning:
 The playground at Allmendinger Park is located very close to the road. While the streets are not very busy, it is something to be aware of if you have a young “runner”. I don’t recommend Allmendinger Park on Saturday’s of UM home games or other events at Michigan Stadium. Because of it’s proximity to the stadium, there will be no parking zones and additional traffic in the area.

Allmendinger Park - Merry Go Round is Close to the Road

Parking: Street parking is available near Allmendinger Park. There is no parking bordering the park, although there is parking on the opposite side of some surrounding streets and side streets. 


Before visiting Allmendinger Park this week, it had been years since our last visit to Allmendinger. We had visited several times in the summer before my daughter started preschool. Her preschool held informal playdates at Allmendinger once a week.

Allmendinger Park is a departure from your traditional main structure playground that is common today. Instead, it has several smaller apparatus including a Merry Go-Round. The Merry Go-Round is great for all ages, but IMO is safest when used by one age group at a time.

One of my daughter’s favorite features at Allmendinger was the climbing wall apparatus. It has two climbing walls and steps. She went up the walls and down the steps. This apparatus is definitely better for bigger kids. While my daughter could do climbing walls by age 3 or 4, she would have had more trouble descending from this apparatus.

allmendinger-park-rock-wallThere is also a standalone slide, a climbing “net”, and a sand table. When we were at the park, my 10 year old was able to find plenty to do. There were also several young children (toddler to preschool aged) at the park. With swings, and the merry-go-round, and the climbing net, there were activities for them as well.

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