Ann Arbor Fireworks Displays

Where to Find Ann Arbor Fireworks Displays?

Are you looking for Ann Arbor Fireworks Displays in 2020? Many firework displays are cancelled for 2020. Fireworks typically draw large crowds which are not recommended with current social distancing requirements – especially with cases in Michigan trending up again last week.

When I moved to Ann Arbor I was surprised to learn that Ann Arbor doesn’t have a Fireworks display and that many local displays are spread throughout the week before Fourth of July instead of that night. Growing up Fourth of July Fireworks were an annual tradition.


Local Ann Arbor Fireworks Display

Typically Ann Arbor area fireworks display start with local fairs on Memorial Day Weekend and end with Dexter Daze in mid August. Locally, the Hudson Mills fireworks are usually earlier in the week of Fourth of July. Recently, the only local event on Fourth of July is in Saline. Manchester has had them in the past, but did not have one listed for 2019.

For 2020, I did not find any Washtenaw County Fireworks Displays. I found a few displays in Metro Detroit. Most are private displays intended for residents. But, you may be able to find a place to watch – remember to maintain social distance and that parks are normally closed at dusk.

  • July 3 – Michigan Fireworks Club at Belleville Yacht Club. A permit was approved by Van Buren Township on June 2. I have not been able to find a listing on the Michigan Fireworks Club, Belleville Yacht Club or Van Buren Township confirming the event.
  • July 3 – Clarkston & Independence Township will launch fireworks from Pine Knob Ski Hill. Parking at Pine Knob and DTE Music Theatre will be closed.
  • July 4 – White Lake Township will launch fireworks on White Lake at 10p. The display is a private event for residents, but may be visible from surrounding areas
  • July 4 – Waterford Township will launch fireworks from Maceday, Loon, and Lotus Lakes at 10p.


Detroit Fireworks

Each year Detroit holds fireworks over the Detroit River. Viewing is available in both Detroit and Windsor. This year, the Ford Fireworks will be on Monday, August 31. Everyone is encouraged to stay at home and watch it on television. This year Hart Plaza and other public areas will be closed for viewing. Be sure to check TV listings for the time the week of the event. In the past, the broadcast began with a pre-show at 8p and the fireworks show at 9p. When my daughter was younger, I would DVR the fireworks for her to watch the next day.


Henry Ford Fireworks

Each year the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Henry Ford Museum present Salute to America at Greenfield Village. We attended last year and it was a spectacular show. This year, they are bringing the show to television. It will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 8p on July 3.

Fireworks at Home

Certain fireworks are legal in Michigan. If you choose to use these fireworks at home, please be sure to be safe. We have been mostly staying home, but I have not seen as many fireworks stands around town as I have in past years.

I’ve heard the Burns Park and Hunt Park neighborhoods are usually good for displays. These are usually organized by local residents, but are not publicly announced. I did hear that Burns Park will not have a display this year.

We typically watch the displays that are put on by various people in our neighborhood. I do not know what to expect this year. My guess is that there will be less displays – or at least less impressive since gatherings will be smaller. But, people may be making up for the lack of larger displays with their own.

Some Rules for Fireworks at Home

If you are going to use fireworks at home, be sure to follow the law and other safety recommendations.

  • Fireworks are allowed:
    • December 31 11a through 1a on January 1
    • Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend (May 23 & 24 this year) from 11a-11:45p
    • June 29-July 4 from 11a-11:45p
    • July 5 (since July 4th is a Saturday) from 11a-11:45p
    • Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend (September 5 & 6 this year) from 11a-11:45p
  • Consumer fireworks may only be lit on private property. Consumer fireworks are not allowed in parks, streets, sidewalks, schools, churches, and property of others
  • Fireworks should only be handled by sober adults
  • Keep a bucket of water on hand. Sand is also good to have around.
  • With our hot/dry conditions, be extra vigilant for fires on dry grass

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