Rolling Hills Water Park – Wednesday Activity Review

This review of Rolling Hills Water Park is part of our Summer Series: Wednesday Activity Reviews.

It took us until late July for us to make our first trip of the season to Rolling Hills Water Park. We usually visit earlier in the summer, but we like to go first thing in the morning. With my daughter having swim meets on Saturday and softball practice on Sunday mornings, we had to wait for the sports seasons to end. We noticed very few changes from our 2016 visit.

Editor’s Note: This was written for the 2017 season. For 2018, the sand area has been replaced by a playground. The  sprayscape is currently being replaced with a projected open date in August. Admission is discounted by $1 until the new sprayscape is open.

Rolling Hills Water Park - Waterfall

Our Visit to Rolling Hills Water Park

We had a great time at Rolling Hills Water Park. We made sure to arrive shortly after they opened at 11a and stayed until 2p. The crowds are definitely lower early in the day. Check out our video from this year’s visit and read on for more details. 


Water Slides

There are two sets of water slides at Rolling Hills Water Park. The “new” slide tower (added in 2013) has three body slides…one twisting tube slide (yellow), one open twisting slide (blue), and an open speed slide (green). These are free standing slides which each terminate in a chute instead of a larger pool. We visited these slide towers when we first arrived and again after lunch. We always make sure to visit these slides first because they can have long lines later in the day.

Rolling Hills Water Park - New Slide Tower


The “old” slides are built into the rock formations behind the wave pool. There is both a tube slide and a body slide. Two years ago both slides received a new color scheme and the railing and concrete stairs were redone. It is still holding up well. Smaller children can ride the tube slide in a parents lap. Make sure to check the ground at the bottom of the stairs to make sure you are in the correct line (tube or body).

Rolling Hills Water Park - Old Slides

There is also a small slide for toddlers and preschoolers (under 42″ height). Parents can stand at the bottom to catch their kids. This small slide is part of the larger zero entry pool.

Rolling Hills Water Park - Kiddie Slide

Wave Pool

The wave pool is one of my daughter’s favorite parts of Rolling Hills. She is always listening for the bell indicating that it is active. When she was younger, she liked riding an inner tube as the waves bounced her up and down. Now, as a strong swimmer, she loves diving through the waves without a tube and riding them into the “shore” The wave pool is something that families of all ages can enjoy together.

Rolling Hills Water Wave Pool


Lazy River

The Lazy River is in the back of the water park and is also an activity for all ages. There are two paths through the lazy river. The action channel includes bucket dumps, a wall of water, jets, and more. You calm channel without these spray features a more relaxed experience. There are both double and single tubes available for the Lazy River so that you can navigate the lazy river with a friend or family member. The Lazy River is perfect for the kids who zoom through the course by walking their tubes or swimming, or the adult who enjoys a lazy ride.

Rolling Hills Water Park - Action Channel

Zero Entry Pool

Rolling Hills Water park has a Zero Entry Pool between the old slides and the wave pool. While it has a maximum depth of less than 4 feet, my daughter loves swimming around, particularly in and out of the waterfall. 


Editor’s Note: This is being replaced during the 2018 season with an August open date. Admission is reduced by $1/person during construction.

The sprayscape is a great place for kids to get wet and enjoy the slides. 

Rolling Hills Water Park - Sprayscape Slide

Snack Bar

Rolling Hills Water Park has a great Snack Bar that features fresh grilled burgers and boneless chicken breasts for sandwiches or salads. I love that they grill the burgers and chicken to order. Kids meal options are hot dogs or PB&J Uncrustables – although my daughter has been getting a burger for years. Prices are reasonable with my family of 3 typically eating for under $20 – a rarity these days.

Rolling Hills Water Park - Snack Bar Cheeseburger

If you are more in the mood for a cold treat, they also offer Arctic Chills (flavored shaved ice), smoothies, and frozen yogurt.

Since we typically arrive close to opening and ride the slides before the crowds arrive, we then break for lunch before 12:20. Around 1p, the food lines get long and stay that way most of the day. Purchased food must be eaten in the snack bar area. If you want to bring your own food, you can get a handstamp and eat outside the water park.

Visiting Rolling Hills Water Park

Age Range

Rolling Hills Water Park offers something for all ages. Kids as young as toddlers will enjoy the zero entry pool, sand area, and the kiddie slide. At the same time, there are enough thrills for tweens and teens to enjoy a visit. While there is enough for toddlers to enjoy, I would recommend a minimum age of 4 or 5. We’ve been bringing our daughter since she was 4.5 and she still loves it at 11.5.

Getting to Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Water Park is part of Rolling Hills County Park. The park is located at 7660 Stony Creek Rd in Ypsilanti Township. 

Admission Rates

Admission to Rolling Hills County Park has increased for 2016. This was their first increase in a few years after making some major improvements, so I still find it a fairly good deal. Rolling Hills County Park has a vehicle entry fee ($6 for county residents and $10 for non-residents). An annual vehicle pass is available for $30 (county resident)/$45 (non-resident). You annual vehicle pass is also valid at Independence Lake where you can visit the Blue Heron Bay splash park or the lake.

Admission to the Rolling Hills Water Park is an additional daily charge with the following rates:

*Editor’s Note: Take $1 off while the sprayscape is closed for replacement during most of the 2018 season.

  • Resident Rates
    • Weekday
      • Adult $8
      • Child (36-42″ tall) $6
      • After 5p Adult $6
      • After 5p Child (36-42″ tall) $4
    • Weekend/Holiday
      • Adult $10
      • Child (36-42″ Tall) $8
  • Non-Resident Rates
    • Weekday 
      • Adult $10
      • Child (36-42″ tall) $8
      • After 5p Adult $7
      • After 5p Child (36-42″ tall) $5
    • Weekend/Holiday 
      • Adult $13
      • Child (36-42″ Tall) $11

Kids 36″ and shorter are always free.

Water Park Hours

Rolling Hills Water Park opens at 11a each day. They are typically open until 7p on weekdays and 8p on weekends. Until school closes, they are only open until 5p on weekdays. They will also close at 5p on weekdays starting August 20. Their last day for the 2017 season is Labor Day, Monday, September 3. After this, they will have two dog swims.

Date/Time Event
Doggy Dip
at Rolling Hills County Park, Ypsilanti Michigan
Doggy Dip
at Rolling Hills County Park, Ypsilanti Michigan


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