Gallup Park - Ducks

Gallup Park – Tuesday Playground Profile

This profile of Gallup Park is part of our Summer Series: Tuesday Playground Profiles

Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area including Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Today we are profiling Ann Arbor’s Gallup Park, one of Ann Arbor’s premiere destination parks.

Gallup Park

Gallup Park has a prime location along the banks of the Huron River and Geddes Pond. With multiple playgrounds, walking trails, boating, and fishing you could easily spend several hours at Gallup Park.

Gallup Park - Ducks

Since this Playground Profile was written in 2016, the Centennial Playground has opened. Check out our profile of the Centennial Playground.


Centennial Playground at Gallup Park - Structure with Shade

Gallup Park Profile

Location: 3000 Fuller Road
Unique Features: Rubber Mat Surface, A Non-Structure Play Area, Tire Swings, River location, Fishing Pond, Boat Rentals, Universal Access at Centennial Playground

Mess Free Playgrounds - Gallup Park - Tunnel and Slide
Swings: No
Surface: Rubber Surface (Canoe Livery Play Area & Centennial Playground) and Mulch (Second Play Area)
Bathrooms: Yes, there are bathrooms – one set at the canoe livery and one set by the youth fishing pond/Centennial Playground.
Shade: Gallup Park has a number of trees offering shade particularly on the paths. With it’s location near the river, my experience has been that Gallup Park can be cooler than other parks.
Pavilion: Yes. Pavilions are near the youth fishing pond/Centennial Playground.
Sports Fields: None
Walking Trails: There are several pave and unpaved paths that you can use to walk the park and connect to the Border2Border Trail.
Parking: There is a small lot near the park entrance that is good for the Canoe Livery and play area. There is additional parking just over the one lane bridge and a larger lot at the end of the road near the Youth Fishing Pond and Centennial Playground. 

Gallup Park starts near the main vehicle entrance on Geddes with the canoe livery and a play area. Across the one-lane wooden bridge you will find a second play area which was recently moved to this location. At the end of the park road, is the youth fishing pond and Centennial Playground. 

Gallup Park Playground Review

Gallup Park has two play areas. We visited the Canoe Livery Play Area back in March as part of our Mess-Free Playground post. Today we returned to the other play area. Without planning, my daughter wore the same shirt both days (although she wore capris in March and shorts today).

Canoe Livery Play Area

The Play Area Canoe Livery offers a rubber mat base instead of mulch making it a great choice after a rain storm (like today). This play area does not have a traditional play structure.

I love that the tube slide uses the natural hill. The picture also shows Arbor Annie sitting on a spinner.

Gallup Park - Spinner & Slide

For my daughter there is her favorite – a tire swing.

Gallup Park - Canoe Livery Play Area - Tire Swing

She also loved climbing the rock walls.

Gallup Park - Canoe Livery Play Area - Climbing Wall

Second Play Area

The second play area opened recently after moving to allow for construction of the universal access playground. This play area is now at the south side of the one-lane bridge with ample parking nearby. There are also picnic benches. Parents should watch younger children closely since the river is nearby.

The play structure offers both a twist slide and a double slide. The structure is not that large and would be great for preschoolers. 

Gallup Park - Second Play Area

For my daughter, the big draw at Gallup Park was the tire swing which was also relocated. Of course we didn’t do much more than look at it today since it had a huge puddle under it after the rain.

Gallup Park - Second Play Area Tire Swing

Centennial Playground 

Centennial Playground is a new universal access playground at Gallup Park. It was donated by the Rotary Club in honor of their 100th year in Ann Arbor (2016). The playground opened in September 2017. Check out our Playground Profile of Centennial Playground.

Centennial Playground at Gallup Park - One Structure

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