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5 Tips for Staying at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

Are you looking for tips to staying at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers? We are sharing our 5 Top Tips – some of which it has taken us 5 years to learn.

For the last 5 years, our family has spent the second weekend of September at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers. I have attended Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point. As part of our registration we receive discounted hotel rates and free park admission. It is also the first weekend of Cedar Point Halloweekends.


1 – Entry to Cedar Point

Hotel Breakers offers easy entry to Cedar Point. As a hotel guest, you have early access and two entrances that are closer to the action than the main entrance.

Early Entry to Cedar Point

Guests at any of the Cedar Point hotels can enter one hour early. Platinum Passholders can also enter early.

Early entry is a huge perk for coaster enthusiasts. It allows you to minimize your wait time on the big coasters without paying for Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus.

The early entry perk applies on Fridays of Halloweekends when the park only opens at 5p.


Two Entrances

From Hotel Breakers there are two entrances to Cedar Point. The Beach entrance and the Resort Entrance. Both are open during operating hours including for early entrance.

Beach Entrance

The Beach Entrance is at the south end of Hotel Breakers along the beach. Exit the hotel to the beach side and walk down the “boardwalk” past the Lakeside Pavilion. You will enter the park near WindSeeker. If you want to start the day at GateKeeper, Valravn, or Millenium Force, I recommend the Beach Entrance.

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Tips - Beach Entrance

Resort Entrance

The Resort Entrance is near Cedar Point Shores waterpark north of the hotel. We stayed in the north tower, and we exited from the tower into the parking lot. You can also exit from the main entrance circle and walk down the sidewalk. If you are staying in the south wing, you can walk north along the beach and continue to Cedar Point Shores.

The Resort Entrance enters the park between Magnum and Gemini. It is the best entrance for Steel Vengeance or Maverick since you will start at the back of the park.

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Tips - Resort Entrance near Magnum


2 – Enjoy Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

Water Fun

There are plenty of options for Water Fun at Hotel Breakers. There are pools, the beach, and water sports.


Hotel Breakers has four pools. There are two outdoor pools, a tot-pool/splash area with mini-slides, and an indoor pool. You will need your room key to access the pools. New for 2019 towels for the pools are provided in your room to bring down.


Hotel Breakers is located on the shore of Lake Erie. Walk out the back of the hotel onto the beach. Complimentary chairs are on the beach. Join in a game of beach volleyball, or become a beachcomber.

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Tips - Beach

Water Sports

Water sports are offered for a fee. They offer parasailing, waverunners, kayaks, and stand up paddleboarding.



Hotel Breakers also has an arcade. Although in 6 years we have never stopped in to play.

Wi-Fi and More

There is free Wi-Fi throughout the park and hotel. We found that it was not very fast, so don’t plan to stream movies.

The TV channel selection was better than your typical hotel with just networks and one or two cable channels.


3 – Where to Eat at Hotel Breakers

Hotel Breakers has dining options that include full service restaurants, counter service, snacks, and delivery.

Full Service Restaurants at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

Tomo Japanese Restaurant

Tomo is a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant in the main lobby at Hotel Breakers. Over the years we have had dinner here twice – both times during a rain storm. They do take reservations. I recommend calling ahead especially if you plan to go during a rainstorm.

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Tips - Tomo Japanese Hibachi Restaurant - Fire on the grill

The menu also includes Sushi, but it was not available during Halloweekends when they are only open a couple of days a week.


Perkins is also located in the main lobby at Hotel Breakers. They are a great choice for a hearty breakfast before hitting the park. They also serve lunch and dinner. Note: They are not open on Fridays during Halloweekends.

Perkins also has a counter for take-out with options for breakfast.

TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday’s is located at the base of the North Tower across from the indoor pool. They offer a standard TGI Fridays menu.


Counter Service/Delivery at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers


Starbucks is located off the main lobby. They offer coffees, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches. As one of two breakfast options they can have a long line in the morning.

Pool Side Parlor

Pool Side Parlor is near the conference center and sells Toft’s Ice Cream. The portions were huge! My daughter and I were each ordering a cup of the same flavor. When we saw how big the “1 scoop” was, we quickly decided to cancel an order and share. Even so we had trouble finishing the ice cream. Even my husband couldn’t finish his ice cream. He brought it back to the refrigerator in the room.

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Tips - Poolside Parlor Ice Cream

Sand Bar & Patio

On the beach is the Sand Bar & Patio. I did not see a posted menu but it looked like it was just a bar.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza delivers to Hotel Breakers. Delivery Hot Spots are located near the beach and the pools. It’s a perfect chance to

The Surf Lounge Rotunda Bar offers “adult beverages” next to Starbucks.


4 – What to Pack for Hotel Breakers

You can make your stay more enjoyable by packing the right items.


Each room at Hotel Breakers has a mini-refrigerator with a separate freezer and a microwave. There is no coffee maker.

This year we decided to make the morning easier and bring breakfast. Hotel Breakers only has two options for breakfast – Starbucks and Perkins. My husband and daughter always complain about the length of the line at Starbucks in the morning or how long it takes at Perkins.

Bring beverages for the room. We stopped in the gift shop and the prices on bottled soft drinks were very high! A Gold Peak Iced Tea was 2/$8 or $4.99 each. My husband picked some up at a gas station convenience store before leaving home for $1.50 each.

Also, don’t forget a refillable water bottle. I don’t bring it in the park because I can’t take it on coasters, but it is nice for the room at night or the car ride home.



In-Room Entertainment

Even at a place as fun as Cedar Point it is a good idea to have entertainment for the room. We have spent time in the room on rainy days and to escape mid-day Saturday crowds.

Our family always has plenty of electronics to distract us. For the car ride, my daughter has a book, her phone, and her iPad. My husband and I usually travel with our laptops and sometimes an iPad. But they tend to be solitary activities unless we watch a movie on an iPad.

Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2015 Hotel Breakers Gatekeeper Bed

After staying in a couple hotels that had games in the lobby, we have started traveling with a game or two and a deck of cards. Our room had a desk and two beds, so we played Clue on one of the beds. There are also places to play games in various lobbies and lounges or outside if the weather is nice.

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Tips - Clue on the bed

Water Activities at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

Make sure to pack your swim suits for the pools and lake. Towels are available in your room to take to the pool or lake. Prior to 2019, towels were available at the pool.

Chairs and umbrellas are on the beach for use, but on nice days they may be full. Volleyball nets are setup with balls available. Sand toys like pails and shovels are a good thing to pack.

For younger children, be sure to pack swim diapers and flotation suits as needed.

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Tips - Pool

Packing List

  • Jacket/Sweatshirt – it can get chilly on Lake Erie at night
  • Swimming
    • Swim Suits
    • Flotation Devices
    • Sand Toys
  • Food
    • Breakfast Pastries
    • Instant Oatmeal
    • Whole Fruit
    • Beverages
    • Snacks or Dessert for a late night treat
  • Food Supplies
    • Plates
    • Cutlery
    • Napkins


5 – What to Pack for Cedar Point

What to Wear

While at the park you will be on your feet almost all day. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Be sure to dress for variable weather. Most of the park is in the sun which can make it feel warmer. However, the lake breeze helps it stay cool.

What to Bring into the Parks

If you are visiting Cedar Point with young kids, you will want to make sure to bring care items, distractions for waiting in line, and more. If you are with older kids or adults and are planning to ride the roller coasters, you will want to minimize what you bring into the park.

Coaster Riders

For coaster riders, the question is what to do with your things while on riding. The best solution is to travel lite. My husband wears cargo shorts to keep his wallet and cellphone secure. But, what if you don’t have pockets?

A few of the coasters have bins where you can leave your stuff, but not all do. It is not possible on rides like Millennium Force or Top Thrill Dragster where there are separate load and unload platforms. There are lockers outside of all of the coasters, but that is an expensive solution.

Cedar Point - Wednesday Activity Review - Valravn

You can wear a waist pack…aka the ever popular 80s fanny pouch on all of the rides. I use an old point and shoot camera case worn around my waist. The camera section is big enough for my phone and it had a pocket for batteries, film, memory cards, etc. that is perfect for my credit cards, car key, and money.

I love traveling light in the park – except for not having a water bottle. I was able to get a glass of water by asking at counter serve food stand.


You should also have a strap for your glasses or sunglasses. Otherwise you may need to remove them on some rides.

Non-Coaster Riders

If you aren’t riding coasters, you can be more flexible in what you bring into the park. My number one suggestions is to bring a water bottle. I have a water bottle sling that also has a cell phone pocket. I definitely recommend it.

A sling bag is a great choice for bringing more items like ponchos for rain, sunscreen, sweatshirt, hand sanitizer, etc.

I definitely recommend a stroller for babies through preschoolers. There is a lot of walking at Cedar Point. The stroller is also a good place to store extra gear for the day – diapers, change of clothes, water bottles, etc.

If you are visiting during Halloweekends, kids 12 & under are welcome to dress in costume and trick or treat during the daytime hours.


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