Ann Arbor Summer Reading Programs & Recommendations

Ann Arbor Summer Reading Programs

The AADL Summer Game brings a whole new level to Ann Arbor Summer Reading Programs. We’ve got details on how it works (including like a traditional summer reading program) and other Ann Arbor summer reading programs. I’m also sharing links to the Summer Reading Recommendations that we have shared in the past.

Over the years my daughter has participated in a number of different summer reading programs. When she was younger and reading very short books, I made her use different books for each program that she participate in. Now that she reads longer books that take her a week or longer to read, I am not as strict on that requirement. (Then again, it’s the third day of break and she’s working on her third book).


AADL Summer Game (Details in progress)

The Ann Arbor District Library Summer Game is a highlight of every summer. It combines a traditional summer reading program with earning points for rewards. There are many different levels to the AADL Summer Game and players can interact with it in as many or as few ways as they want. Over the years we have amped up our participation – from the traditional summer reading card to earning codes at events, finding them in the library, exploring town, exploring the AADL website, and more.

Traditional Summer Reading Game

The “simplest” way to to get started with the AADL Summer Game is the Traditional Summer Reading Game. Kids can read 10 books and redeem the completed card for a free book and 2000 Summer Game Points (more on points later). Adults and teens have more flexibility in completing their list of 10. They need to consume 10 pieces of content – read or listen to books, podcasts, magazines, articles, etc. Previously teens and adults needed to read 5 books. Teens will also earn 2000 Summer Game Points and a free book. Adults only get the 2000 Summer Game Points.

Earning Summer Game Points


Redeem your Summer Game Points – the AADL Summer Game Shop

Of course no game is complete without prizes. By finishing their summer reading card, kids can pick out a prize and a book from the cart. Summer Game points can be converted to prizes in the Summer Game Shop. The 2021 Summer Game Shop will open in mid-July. The Summer Game Shop includes lots of fun prizes. I think my daughter’s favorite Summer Game prize is her AADL Summer Game baseball t-shirt she earned in 2019. That year I earned a picnic cooler. I have several friends with a great picnic blanket from a few years ago.

(Update in progress for 2021)


Other Ann Arbor Summer Reading Programs

Nicola’s Bookstore (2021)

Children in grades K-8 can participate in Nicola’s Books Summer Reading Club. Kids (grades K-8) can earn a $5 Nicola’s Books coupon for completing each of 3 levels. As my daughter has gotten older, I’ve noticed it is harder for her to reach Summer Reading program milestones because her books are longer. Nicola’s Books also recognizes this and credits any book over 200 pages as 2 books.

They also offer a Read-to-Me club for kindergarten and first graders who are not yet able to read. This year’s program is not available to toddlers, preschoolers, or high schoolers.

Barnes & Noble (2021)

Barnes & Noble offers a Summer Reading Program at all of their stores for kids in grades 1-6. Kids can earn a free book from their selection by reading 8 books. One thing that I love about the Barnes and Noble program is that it is nationwide. One year on summer vacation my daughter finished all the books that she brought with us on the drive to our destination. She was able to redeem a free book to read on the rest of our trip.

Chuck E Cheese (2021)

Chuck E. Cheese offers a Reading Rewards Program. Read every day for 2 weeks and redeem the coupon for 10 free tokens (a food purchase is required). The Ann Arbor location is listed as closed, but is still on their website – so they may reopen later in the summer. There is a Chuck E Cheese in Canton.


Other Area Libraries (Awaiting update)

Ypsilanti District Library

The Ypsilanti District Library offers different programs for each age group. Kids and Teens who register for their Summer Reading Program receive a free day pass to the Rutherford Pool! Readers earn points for reading time, completing a book, and attending library events. Kids and Teens earn a free book after reading 6 books. There will be drawings throughout the summer and at the end of the summer. You can also earn digital badges by exploring the library, attending events, and even around town.

Dexter District Library

Dexter District Library has a Summer Reading Program for all ages from listeners through adults. Their Summer Reading Kickoff was held on June 18. I love that the teen program focuses on reading for 3 hours each week for a weekly prize drawing. And a grand prize drawing and goody bag for reading 3 hours for all 7 weeks weeks. For more information, visit the Dexter District Library. To go along with their summer reading program, they offer a wide variety of events from story times to crafts to movies and much more.

Saline District Library

The Saline District Library held their summer reading kickoff on June 18. Kids can pick up their form in person at the library. They also have an online program for teens and adults. 


Summer Reading Recommendations

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