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Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids

Are you wondering about attending Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids? Last weekend was our sixth year attending Cedar Point’s Halloweekends. We go each year for me to attend Bloggy Conference. While I am in sessions, my husband and daughter enjoy the park. My daughter was in 3rd grade the first time we visited and is now an 8th grader.

Can I Go To Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids?

Absolutely! We have been visiting during Halloweekends since my daughter was in third grade. We invited my sister’s family with a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old to join us. Halloweekends has two parts: Great Pumpkin Hunt and Haunt. During the daytime, there is the family-friendly Great Pumpkin Hunt with the Peanuts Characters. In the Evening, Haunt is when the spooks come out to play. Even with the Haunt, there are ways kids can avoid most spooks and still have a fun day.


Great Pumpkin Fest

The Great Pumpkin Fest is a series of special activities just for kids. I have seen limits of both 12 and under 54″. The first year we went, my daughter was just over the 54″ and was able to participate. Now, she’s 5′ 5″ tall (almost 4 inches taller than me), so it isn’t even close. Great Pumpkin Fest Activities include:

  • Trick or Treat Stations – Get fun treats – no costume required
    Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids - Trick or Treat
  • Challenge Course – Let your child’s inner ninja warrior show with this obstacle challenge.
  • Tractor Races – Ride mini-tractors through the course
  • Cornstalk & Haybale Maze – Find your way through the corn or hay bale maze
  • Pumpkin “Patch” – Pick a mini-pumpkin from the patch
    Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids - Pumpkin Patch
  • Games – Play fall games for prizes
  • Pumpkin Painting – Paint a mini-pumpkin and leave it to dry on the haybales
    Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids - Pumpkin Painting
  • Linus’ Mummy Pit – Become a mummy as you play in the foam bubbles
  • Crafts – Color fun pages featuring the Peanuts gang
  • Shows – Watch a fun show with the Peanuts (2017 photo below)
Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids - Peanuts Show


Haunt is the scary portion of Halloweekends. It mostly runs after dark on Friday and Saturday with some parts open late Sunday afternoons.

Do we have to stay in the Great Pumpkin Fest Area to avoid scares?

There is Halloween decor up throughout the park including the main midway. This includes skeletons and gravestones. If your kids are fine in Halloween aisles or stores, they’ll be fine at Halloweekends during the day.

The Harvest Fear zone near Town Hall has some Harvest Fest booths with a creepy undertone. There are skeleton fish, and zombie heads. If you’re squeamish, just steer clear of this area. My daughter thought it was amusing. These booths are up both day and night.

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids - Harvest Fear Goldfish Pond

Do we have to leave before dark with the kids to avoid the scary stuff?

Not at all. The Haunt activities are mostly walk-through attractions with separate lines. There’s just one section at the back of the park where the haunts are on the main walkways. A No-Boo necklace is available ($10) for the creatures to avoid you, or you can avoid this area altogether.

The area to avoid is Frontier Trail, Frontierland, and the Town Hall area. In these connected areas, there are fog machines, lights, and wandering spooks at night. The spooks will come up behind you or jump out to scare you. These areas are all at the back of the park and easy to avoid unless you want to ride Maverick or Steel Vengeance.

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids - Harvest Fear Goldfish Pond

The main concourse does have a few “creatures” wandering the rides graveyard area. I found that they mostly stayed on the grass and would only interact with those who approached them.


I Hate Clowns. Are there any Clowns?

Good news, the Clown themed walkthrough area that was near Gemini and Camp Snoopy has been removed the last two years! I always thought the graphics were a bit too much for the Camp Snoopy entrance.

If you like clowns, you can try visiting the Fearground Freakshow. We visited it last year.

What if I Want a Little Spook?

The Magical House on Boo Hill is a perfect attraction for kids. The Halloween house is open during the day.

During the daytime, three indoor haunted houses become Hallo-tween Mazes. Outwit the witches to solve puzzles at Hexed: Spellbound, solve The Mystery of Eerie Estate, and visit Zombie Jr. High School.

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids - Hexed Spellbound

In 2017 we did Hexed Spellbound with our 11 year old 6th grader. She found the puzzles too easy – part of it may be that we were paired with a family with younger children.

In 2016, we did the Fearground Freakshow on Sunday afternoon. This is where the clowns and other carnival “freaks” live. There are a few bangs and people jumping out – but they don’t touch you. We did visit on Sunday afternoon when it was still light out. Even though it was an inside attraction, knowing it was daytime helped my daughter.

This year, my daughter wanted to skip all haunted attractions except walking through Frontiertown and Frontier Trail.


What About Rides? Are They Open?

Yes, most rides are open during Halloweekends. The water rides (and the Cedar Point Shores water park) close after Labor Day and are not operating. For 2019, only a limited number of rides are open on Friday nights.

How are the Crowds?

2019 was by far the most crowded year for Halloweekends. Friday night was pretty much a rain-out, which may have increased the Saturday crowds. This fall Cedar Point is offering 2020 season passes with bonuses for 2019. New pass holders receive unlimited 2019 visits and renewing pass holders receive a Fast Lane Plus day for 2019. The combined promotions probably contributed to the increased crowd levels.

The park was the most crowded on Saturday. Ride lines are similar to the summer. Saturday is popular since the park has the longest hours and there is time for both the rides and Haunt. In the past ride lines typically decreased at night when the haunted attractions were open. But, this year we still waited nearly an hour to ride Millenium Force at 11pm.

Sunday is a great day for families to visit. The Great Pumpkin Fest is going strong, and the scary evening Haunt is not operating. The ride lines were a bit more manageable. We still waited 45 minutes for Millennium Force, but only waited about 15 minutes for Gate Keeper. Steel Vengeance had long lines constantly. It was over 2 hours most of the day.

With the limited rides available on Friday night, I only recommend it if you are visiting for the whole weekend.


What General Tips Do you Have For Cedar Point with Kids

We love visiting Cedar Point. My daughter loves roller coasters, so it is a perfect park for us to visit. Check out our report from our summer visit in 2017.

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