Warriors Series – Monday Summer Reading Recommendations

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This post is part of our Monday Summer Reading Series.

We were on vacation this weekend and only got home late tonight after my daughter’s softball game, so I don’t have a lot of time to write today’s Summer Reading Series. My daughter is eagerly awaiting a trip to the library to get the next book in the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter. She has been waiting a few weeks and the book is finally available.

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Warriors Series by Erin Hunter

My daughter was introduced to the Warriors series by Erin Hunter at Christmas by a friend who gave her the first book. Since that time, she has been hooked. I’ve also discovered that many of her other friends (both boys and girls) have read or are now reading the series. The Warriors books take place in a fantasy world featuring cats who belong to various clans.
The Warriors Series

The Warriors books are broken into several book series that are best read in order.


THe books are:

  • The Original Series
      • Warriors #1: Into the Wild
      • Warriors #2: Fire and Ice
      • Warriors #3: Forest of Secrets
      • Warriors #4: Rising Storm
      • Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path
      • Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour

  • The New Prophecy
      • #1: Midnight
      • #2: Moonrise
      • #3: Dawn
      • #4: Starlight
      • #5: Twilight
      • #6: Sunset

  • Power of Three
      • #1: The Sight
      • #2: Dark River
      • #3: Outcast
      • #4: Eclipse
      • #5: Long Shadows
      • #6: Sunrise

  • Omen of the Stars
      • #1: The Fourth Apprentice
      • #2: Fading Echoes
      • #3: Night Whispers
      • #4: Sign of the Moon
      • #5: Forgotten Warrior
      • #6: The Last Hope

  • Dawn of the Clans
      • #1: The Sun Trail
      • #2: Thunder Rising
      • #3: The First Battle
      • #4: The Blazing Star
      • #5: A Forest Divided
      • #6: Path of Stars

  • A Vision of Shadows
      • #1: The Apprentice’s Quest
      • #2: Thunder and Shadow (September 6, 2016)
      • #3: Shattered Sky (April 11, 2017)

Interesting Fact about Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter is actually 6 different authors! Vicky Holmes developed the original idea and still creates the characters and basic stories. She also edits the books to have the same voice no matter which Erin wrote the story. 

My Daughter’s Review

She has read the original series and the New Prophecy and has started the Power of Three series. She also has read guides and other super books that don’t fit into a series. After school ended, she finished the six books of the New Prophecy series. Obviously, she must love the series in order to keep reading so many books. She has been waiting for Dark River, the second book in the Power of Three series. It is finally ready for us to pickup from the library, so we will be headed there this week. Personally, I was glad for the delay to get her to read different books while waiting for Dark River.

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