The Olympics - Monday Summer Reading Recommendations

Olympic Themed Books – Monday Summer Reading Recommendations

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Is your child fascinated with The Olympics? Today’s Summer Reading Recommendations are inspired by the Olympics. 

The Olympics - Monday Summer Reading Recommendations

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Magic Treehouse

My daughter learned so much about different historical topics from reading the Magic Treehouse books. Of course it was the first place I thought to look for books on the Ancient Olympic Games. Book #16 in the series is Hour of the Olympics. The companion Fact Tracker Ancient Greece and the Olympics provides a non-fiction look at the Olympic Games.


G is for Gold Medal

The picture book G is for Gold Medal- An Olympics Alphabet can be enjoyed by kids at different levels. For each letter there is a short description of the item for the letter that is perfect for younger kids. Then there is a longer description that older kids will appreciate. 


What Are & Who is Books

The Who Is book series has several olympics related books. Kids can start with What Are the Summer Olympics?

Then they can move on to the Who Is profiles of Olympians with Who Was Jesse Owens? and Who is Muhammad Ali?

Finally, kids can finish with the Where is the Amazon? book to learn a little more about the Amazon (although Rio is further south in Brazil than the Amazon) or Where is the Parthenon? to learn more about ancient Greece.

Look Beyond Books

Reading doesn’t always have to include books. My daughter loves getting magazines in the mail. Sports Illustrated Kids offers profiles of athletes and sports. I haven’t been able to interest my daughter yet, but I remember enjoying it when my brother and I were kids. For a child who has more interest in sports than reading, it’s a great way to encourage them to read.

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