Fourth of July Inspired Book Recommendations

This post is part of our Monday Summer Reading Series.

Since today is Independence Day, today’s book recommendations are inspired by American History.

Fourth of July Inspired Reading Recommendations

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Magic Tree House: American History Quartet

My daughter loved the Magic Tree House series. We started reading them out loud to her when she was 5 and then she took over reading them later that year. Books 21-24 are the American History Quartet featuring four stories:


In addition to the story books, my daughter also loved the Magic Treehouse Fact Tracker books, non-fiction companion books to various stories in the series. At 10, she will still pick up one of the Fact Tracker books to flip through it.

American Girl Books

My daughter also learned a lot about American History from reading the American Girl series of books from their historical characters (the Be Forever series). Each character is from a different period of American History and they really explore what it was like to live at that time. My daughter’s favorite was Molly who lived during World War II.
Molly American Girl Costume


Picture Books

We visited Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell when my daughter was 5.5. At the time we picked out two picture books that I loved.

Now & Ben features a look at the inventions of Benjamin Franklin that we still use today.

Unite or Die features school children putting on a play of how thirteen states formed a nation.

This spring at Mount Vernon I bought my daughter the book Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts that explores the women involved at the time of the revolution.


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