Fun Ann Arbor Activities with the Grandparents

I’ve assembled a list of Fun Ann Arbor Activities with Grandparents. With grandparents spanning a wide range of ages and physical abilities, what works for one family may be harder for others. I also find that with my in-laws who live out of town, we tend to do more “destination” visits. On the other hand with my parents who live locally, we tend to do more everyday activities.

Ann Arbor Activities with Grandparents

Visit a Museum with Grandparents

A Museum is always a great choice with the Grandparents. Check out our Top 5 Museums in the Ann Arbor Area.

Ann Arbor Indoor Activities - Top 5 Ann Arbor Area Museums for Kids

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is a particularly good choice with the grandparents. Did you know that a membership includes free admission for grandparents? We have used it with both sets of grandparents over the years. While the museum is on multiple-levels, they are all accessible by an elevator for strollers or those with limited mobility. There are also plenty of benches or stools throughout the museum to take a break. 


Explore Nature

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

My husband’s parents visited over Memorial Day weekend. My mother-in-law suggested a trip to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. It’s a great place to explore with all ages. Whether you visit the indoor conservatory or the outside gardens, all ages will enjoy exploring. 

Matthaei Botanical Garden - Conservatory - Kaleidoscope

Visit Animals

There are several options to visit animals in the Ann Arbor area. You can take a trip to the Toledo Zoo or Detroit Zoo. You can also visit animals at Leslie Science Center, Creature Conservancy, or Domino Petting Farm.

Family Friendly Hikes

A Family Friendly Hike is a great way to 

5 Family Friendly Ann Arbor Hikes

Pick Your Own Fruit

We first visited a pumpkin patch with my parents when my daughter was 9 months old. Ann Arbor has fruit picking options from June through October. Start by picking fruit, then the grandparents and kids can make delicious treats.

Apple Picking at Wasem Fruit Farm - Go to the Back of the Row

Get Active with Grandparents

Visit a Playground

Playgrounds are also a great place to visit with grandparents. With my parents living locally, when my daughter was younger, they would take her to the parks closer to their house which were different than the ones closer to our house. 

Ann Arbor Activities - Visit a Playground

Putterz Miniature Golf

My grandparents loved to take us miniature golfing when we were kids. I remember going almost every summer. Likewise, my parents have taken my daughter to Putterz for miniature golfing. 

Putterz - Alligator


When the weather is not as nice, bowling can also be a fun afternoon with the grandparents.

Ann Arbor Indoor Activities - Ann Arbor Bowling Alley Guide


Other Suggestions


My parents love taking my daughter to the movies. My daughter will often get to see movies twice – once with us and once with my parents. Check out our Now Playing List:

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My daughter loves to go shopping with my parents. Whether it’s the mall, or even a trip to Target, she enjoys the chance to get out without Mom & Dad (and usually comes home with a few treats).

Do your kids have any special activities in Ann Arbor that they like to do with their grandparents?


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