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Maryfield Wildwood

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Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area including Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Today we are profiling Maryfield Wildwood part of the Ann Arbor system.

Ann Arbor’s Maryfield Wildwood

Maryfield Wildwood Park is tucked away off of Dexter Road, up Westwood Avenue between Maryfield Rd and Linwood Ave. It offers a shady playground and lots of open space.

Maryfield Wildwood – Playground Features

Playground Profile Last Updated: August 1, 2017

Playground Best for: Kids Under 5, Kids 5-8, Kids 8-12
Structures: 1
Accessible Structure: No
Slides: 3, Straight Slide, Curved Slide, Roller Slide
Monkey Bars: Yes
Zip Line: No
Climbing Apparatus: No
Merry Go Round: Yes
Bouncers: No
See Saw: No
Sandbox: Yes
Natural Play: No
Swings: 2 traditional swings, 2 baby swings, 0 parent/baby swings, 0 adaptive swings, 0 tire swings
Ground Activities: No
Surface: Wooden Mulch
Shade: Full Shade – The playground is very shady all day long. There are 3 picnic tables very spread out around the park, all under shady trees. There is only one right by the play structure. There are also 2 benches right by the playground in the shade.
Seating: Yes, Benches & Picnic Table

Swings picture

Maryfield Wildwood – Park Details

Park Owner: Ann Arbor
Location: 1705 Linwood Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Parking: Street Parking –
Bathrooms: No
Walking Trails: Mulch – Path through woods to Wildwood St, Connects to Neighborhood sidewalks.
Water Play: None
Picnic Benches: Yes, At Playground, Nearby, Shady
Pavilion: No
Sports Fields: Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Open Fields, Volleyball

Maryfield Wildwood Description

I stumbled upon Maryfield Wildwood Park as a spec of green close to our home on Google maps. I fell in love as soon as we got there. It is beautiful and looks like a neighborhood backyard because of the toys and trikes that are there (Editors Note they may not still be there)! Most of these are tricycles in pretty rough shape but my kids love them. And having the cement courts there make it perfect for bike riding practice and perfection. There are usually a few basketballs lying around. The park fairies must keep them inflated because they are always bouncy.

Maryfield Wildwood Park - Playground

The play structure and swings are in the shade all day long with a couple lovely shady benches for moms with newborns to relax on. There is also a picnic table right by the structure. The older kids tend to love the merry-go-round. It is well oiled and spins very very fast. The play structure itself has a few levels to it and is mostly safe for little kids with supervision. I feel comfortable with my 2 year old being on it alone with me sitting on a bench nearby. It has a twirly slide and a side-by-side straight slide for racing.

Maryfield Wildwood Park - Shade

The only thing missing is a bathroom. Prepare ahead of time accordingly. The closest public bathrooms are probably over at the Westgate library which is a little far for ‘emergencies’.

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