Ford Heritage Park

Ford Heritage Park – Tuesday Playground Profile

This post was sponsored by Landscape Structures as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

We resume our Tuesday Playground Profiles this week with Ford Heritage Park. Starting last summer, Ann Arbor with Kids profiles a different playground in the Ann Arbor area including Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. After taking a break over the fall/winter, we are resuming it today.

Ford Heritage Park

One of the things that I love about the Ann Arbor are is that there are so many great parks. My daughter loves the variety of playgrounds because they all have different features to challenge her. When my daughter was younger, we made nightly trips to the playground in the summer after dinner. She and I made sure to visit the playground during the day the rest of the year in fall and spring. One of the best things that she learned in preschool was that playgrounds are good year round – even in the snow. She loved the playground and seeing the big kids there. Even as a toddler, she wanted to try out the highest slides. It’s no wonder that she loves roller coasters now.

Unfortunately as she’s gotten older, her activity schedule and homework have limited our playground time. Still, every time we fit in a playground visit, she’s right back to being a little kid.


Ford Heritage Park

Today we are profiling Ypsilanti’s Ford Heritage Park, a destination park in Ypsilanti Township. Ford Heritage Park is a large destination park in Ypsilanti Township. The park features an accessible playground structure. There is a ramp entrance from the sidewalk, wide walkways, and activities on the walkway.

Ford Heritage Park - Accessible Playground

Ford Heritage Park Profile

Location: 8399 Textile Rd, Ypsilanti
Unique Features: Accessible playground structure, Rubber Mat Surface, Roller Slide, Sway Boat, Tire Swing
Swings: Yes. 2 on springs, 2 regular, 2 buckets, 2 adaptive
Ford Heritage Park - Swings Surface: Rubber Surface with some Mulch
Bathrooms: No, a porta-potty is available.
Shade: Ford Heritage Park offers minimal shade.
Pavilion: No. There are several picnic benches.
Sports Fields: Yes. There are soccer fields, baseball/softball field, and open areas.
Walking Trails: There are several paved and unpaved paths. There is sidewalk access along Textile Rd.
Parking: There is parking by both the baseball/softball field and the playground.

Ford Heritage Park Playground Review

To my daughter Ford Heritage Park is simply “The Roller Slide Playground”. She’s called it by that name since she was 3. The roller slide is one of her favorite features in the park.

Ford Heritage Park - Roller Slide

Ford Heritage Park offers activities for both the big kids and little kids. The accessible playground has wide paths and ramp access. This allows access by kids with limited mobility. What a great opportunity for all kids to play together. I’ve even seen moms use the ramp to bring strollers onto the structure so they can interact with their older kids while a baby naps.

Unfortunately, Ford Heritage Park lacks shade. When my daughter was little, we visited one hot summer day with our playgroup. We sat under the play structure for our snack – the only shade we could find. Now, we save our visits for days when a lack of shade is not an issue.

Ford Heritage Park is also featured in our Mess-Free Playground list.

Shaped By Play

Ford Heritage Park is a Landscape Structures Playground.

Ford Heritage Park - Landscape Structures Sign

Landscape Structures partnered with University of Minnesota’s Institute of Childhood Development. They researched how play helps the whole child develop. Landscape Structures uses this research to design playgrounds like Ford Heritage Park that encourage imagination, teamwork, perseverance, and problem solving.

Ford Heritage Park has plenty of features to engage your child’s imagination. In past years we’ve taken some nice boat rides to exotic destinations on the Sway Boat. My daughter and her friends have been zoo animals in the walkway with skylights that resembles a cage.

Ford Heritage Park - Boat & Tire Swing

Ford Heritage Park has plenty to challenge your child’s co-ordination and perseverance. My 11 year old was able to navigate the spider webs, something that challenged her at a younger age.

Ford Heritage Park - Climbing Webs

But, the log roll and the pedals are both quite a challenge. She’ll have to keep working on conquering them. I know I’ve tried the pedals without success many times over the years.

Ford Heritage Park - Zip Lines, Log Rolling, & Pedal Balance

Playgrounds are also a great way for kids to interact with each other. Over the years my daughter has found many children to play with at the park. Older kids learn to take a leadership role while also deferring to the abilities of younger children.

Check out Landscape Solution’s “For A Better Tomorrow, We Play Today” video for a glimpse of some of their fun playgrounds.

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