Escaping the Winter at Ann Arbor’s Mack Indoor Pool

Today, we visited Mack Indoor Pool at Ann Arbor Open for Tot Swim. I had set the activity for my play group way back in sunny, warm August. With the frigid weather yesterday and today I was not looking forward to swimming. However, we had a great time. The water and the pool area felt toasty warm.

Mack Pool has a 30’x42′ children’s pool which is shallow enough for young children to play in. There is a ramp entry which leads to a 1.5′ deep section. The tot pool gets a little deeper, but my 40″ 4 year old was able to stand in the whole section. The children’s pool is connected to the main pool by an opening at one side. I warned my daughter not to go near there, and she stayed away. Parents are expected to attend their children and be in the water with them. In my group, the moms mostly stood and talked near the middle of the children’s pool while the kids (4 yrs old) played independently around the pool. With younger children, you would need to provide closer supervision or hold them.

For Tot Swim they had a basket of toys available: mostly balls, watering cans, and diving rings. There are lots of windows around the pool providing natural light which was nice since today was a fairly sunny day despite the cold temperatures. The water was posted to be 82 degrees, with a pool area temperature of 80. My four year old tends to get cold easily while swimming, but did not complain about being cold until the last few minutes, when she was also asking to eat. We have had problems with swim lessons at other pools being too cold for her to last 30 minutes without shivering and having her lips turn blue.

For 2009-2010, Tot Swim is open daily from 11:30a-1p, weekdays from 7:15-8:15a, and Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 7-8:30p. The children’s pool is also available during public swim. Admission is $4 for adults and $3.50 for children 4-17. Children under 3 are admitted free with a paying adult. You can also purchase a season pass or a 20 visit family pass.

There are locker rooms with communal showers available. We just rinsed off, although you could take a full shower if you wished. There are lockers available, although you should bring your own lock if you wish to secure your possessions.


During Tot Swim the main pool is open for adult lap swim. There were a few times that we were splashed by the swimmers, but we just moved a bit further from the divider. Tot Swim was not overly crowded with only one other family there besides our group.

We had a great time during Tot Swim and plan to return again. We are also considering signing up for the swim lessons offered there.

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