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Frisinger Park


This profile of Ann Arbor’s Frisinger Park Playground is part of our Playground Profiles Series. Are you interested in sponsoring the series? Contact us for details.

Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area including Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Today we are profiling Frisinger Park part of the Ann Arbor system.

Ann Arbor’s Frisinger Park

Frisinger Park is just blocks from Michigan Stadium on Stadium Blvd. The playground has a single structure, a cool standing see saw, merry go round, swings, and sand.

Frisinger Park – Playground Features

Playground Profile Last Updated: July 18, 2017

This playground profile was collected prior to our new format which did not gather all of this data. We have included our best guess in the conversion and will add them to our list to be updated. Information most likely to be incorrect is number of slides and structures

Playground Best for: Kids 5-8, Kids 8-12
Structures: 1
Accessible Structure: No
Slides: 2, Straight Slide, Curved Slide
Monkey Bars: No
Zip Line: No
Climbing Apparatus: No
Merry Go Round: Yes
Bouncers: No
See Saw: Yes
Sandbox: Yes
Natural Play: No
Swings: 2 traditional swings, 1 baby swings, 0 parent/baby swings, 1 adaptive swings, 0 tire swings
Ground Activities: No
Surface: Wooden Mulch
Shade: Partial Shade – Partial shade from large trees especially in the evening.
Seating: Yes, Benches

Swings picture

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Frisinger Park – Park Details

Park Owner: Ann Arbor
Location: 1200 E Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Parking: Street Parking – Street Parking on Woodbury. There is also a small dirt path through the trees from the former Lucky’s Market Parking Lot
Bathrooms: Port a Potty
Walking Trails: No – Just a sidewalk around the perimeter that connects to Stadium and Woodbury sidewalks
Water Play: None
Picnic Benches: Yes, At Playground, Nearby, Shady
Pavilion: No
Sports Fields: Baseball/Softball

Frisinger Park Description

I never really noticed Frisinger park despite driving down Stadium Blvd many times over the years. While Frisinger Park’s address is Stadium Blvd, the playground and softball field are set towards the back of the park. Woodbury runs on the east side of the park and offers street parking.

My daughter loved the standing design of the seesaw at Frisinger Park. As an only child, she even found a way to make it work solo.

Frisinger Park Playground Review - Seesaw

The playground structure itself is somewhat unique. Instead of the a typical roof, it has a series of concentric circles leaving the top of the structure open.

Frisinger Park Playground Review - Structure

It also offers several ways to climb to the structure and a climbing wall.

Frisinger Park Playground Profile - Wall Climb

The sandbox has partial shade at some times of day and features a cute turtle seat.

Frisinger Park - Sandbox

Beyond Frisinger Park

With a location on E. Stadium one block east of Industrial, Frisinger Park is just a few blocks from Michigan Stadium and Crisler Center. Cool off after your park visit with a trip to Dairy Queen (Packard Rd just south of Stadium) When we first profiled Frisinger Park, it included a discussion on how close it was to Lucky’s Market. When my daughter had softball games and practices, we would often get dinner there or shop while she was at practice. Once redevelopment of the space happens, Frisinger Park will be close to it.  

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Have you been to Ann Arbor’s Frisinger Park? If so, what is your favorite part?

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