Ann Arbor Back to School Events - Curriculum Nights, Registration & Welcome Events

Ann Arbor Back to School Events

Even with Back to School 2020-2021 looking different, Ann Arbor Public Schools has several Back to School Events. There is tech distribution, Schoology Orientation, and school Meet & Greets. In addition, schools are scheduling virtual Curriculum and Capsule Nights.

We are in the process of updating this for the 2020-2021 school year.


First Week of School

The first week of school will begin on Tuesday, September 8 with a limited schedule. Classes will meet in the morning with a focus on how to connect to the virtual classroom, how to use Schoology, and social emotional learning. For example, my high schooler will start each day with 90 minutes of advisory and will meet each of her classes once for 30 minutes. The afternoons will allow families time to work on any technical difficulties and will provide teachers with additional professional development in setting up virtual learning courses.

Tech Distribution & Paperwork Drop-Off

With school returning in a full virtual mode and the district providing One to One Tech, the dates for Tech Distribution is one of the most important dates to mark on your calendar.

Many families new to the district are also asking Families who need to drop-off paperwork like proof of residency and physicals/immunization forms have been waiting all summer for how to bring those in. The district is combining paperwork drop-off with tech pickup.

Initial Tech Distribution was the week of August 31. Distribution happened at 4 locations based on your enrolled school. There will be additional distributions if you did not pickup the additional week. Your best bet is to contact the district’s help desk for more information (Email: or Phone: 734-997-1222)

On Sunday, August 30 you should have received an email with your child(ren)’s student ID number, login, and password. You will need this for pickup and for your student to login. CLEVER badges are being mailed out to families (I have heard about this from several elementary schools, I do not know if older children will receive them). CLEVER badges are a QR code that can be scanned for login instead of using a login and password. They are unique for each child, so make sure not to mix up your children’s or your kindergartener may be lost in 5th grade.


Tips for Tech Distribution

While we pick up at the end of the week, I have heard some tips on pickup.

  • Before Arrival
    • Fill out the District’s One to One Technology Agreement
    • Prepare Paperwork if new to district or filing a change of address (see a list here)
    • Make Sure to check the Traffic Pattern for your pickup location
    • Write Student ID Numbers at the top of an index card, Grades in the middle, and last name at the bottom – At least bring a pen and the Student ID Number (Even if it’s not the right format, you’ll have all the information handy to redo it)
  • At Pickup
    • Have Patience
    • Follow Signs and Instructions
    • Make sure you have all the device parts (charging cords, cases, etc)
  • At Home
    • Verify again that you have all the cords
    • Login to the device to make sure everything is functional

Tech Distribution Locations:

Each location will service multiple schools. On Friday, August 28, AAPS clarified that families with children at multiple schools can pickup all devices at one location – whichever of their school pickup sites work for them.

A2 STEAM and the preschools will arrange their own device pickups. A2 Virtual+ students should pickup devices based on their home school.

Each location will have 3 stops:

  1. New Enrollment and Address Change Documents
  2. Tech Device Release Forms
  3. Tech Pick-Up FRL Form


Balas Building – 2555 South State Street

Enter from Boardwalk Drive and exit on State Street.

The Balas Building is offering pickup for:

  • Elementary Schools
    • Allen
    • Angell
    • Bryant
    • Burns Park
    • Carpenter
    • Mitchell
    • Pattengill
    • Pittsfield
  • K-8
    • Ann Arbor Open
  • High Schools
    • Community
    • Pathways to Success

Huron High School – 2727 Fuller Rd

Enter from Huron Parkway and exit on Fuller Rd

Huron High School is offering pickup for:

  • Elementary Schools
    • King
    • Logan
    • Thurston
  • Middle Schools
    • Clague
    • Scarlett
  • High School
    • Huron


Pioneer High School – 601 West Stadium Blvd

Enter from Seventh by the Red & Ed Office. Exit is on Stadium Boulevard

Pioneer High School is offering pickup for:

  • Elementary Schools
    • Bach
    • Eberwhite
    • Lawton
  • Middle Schools
    • Slauson
    • Tappan
  • High School
    • Pioneer

Skyline High School – 2552 North Maple Rd

Skyline is offering pickup for:

  • Elementary Schools
    • Abbot
    • Dicken
    • Haisley
    • Lakewood
    • Wines
  • Middle Schools
    • Forsythe
  • High School
    • Skyline


Tech Distribution Schedule

With 18000 devices to distribute, expect long lines. Distribution is based on last names – which means we will be picking up on Thursday and won’t be able to provide a report on how device pickup goes. The district has clarified that families with children with different last names can pickup all devices in whichever slot works well for them.

August 31
September 1
September 2
September 3

Information Sessions and Meet & Greets

With a very different school year, Ann Arbor Public Schools is holding information sessions both at the district and school level. Look for communication from your child’s principal for details on the school sessions.

  • Tuesday, September 1 – 7:30-8:30p – Information Session for Parents of Students with Special Needs
  • Wednesday, September 2 – 7:30-8:30p – General Information Session


Curriculum Nights

Curriculum Nights typically happen in mid-September. At the elementary level, they are typically a night for parents to meet with their child’s teacher in a group. For middle school last year, we briefly followed my daughter’s schedule. Our school usually offered signups for one-on-one conferences at the Curriculum Night. At the high schools, the parent’s back to school event is called Capsule Night.

As a high school parent this year, we were already sent a hold the date for the Capsule Night.

Ann Arbor School Calendar

Don’t miss the full 2020-2021 School Calendar.

2020-2021 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar


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  3. Dicken meet and greet is now 4:15-5:15 on August 27 and there is an incoming y-5 and Kindergarten play date on Thursday, August 22nd at Las Vegas park at 5pm.

  4. Bryant/Pattengill’s popsicles on the playground is 4-6 pm on Tuesday, August 27. Students get to meet teachers and staff as well at that event.

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