2019-2020 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar

The 2019-2020 Ann Arbor Public Schools calendar has not yet been released. In some years, we do get the schedule in the spring, but there have been some years where it was not available until July. But, there is some information available and I have made some educated guesses based on my daughter’s 8 prior years in AAPS.

2019-2020 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar

Beyond 2019-2020, Winter and Spring Breaks have been announced through the 2021-2022 school year.

Note: Other than winter and spring break, everything is my best guess. I recommend waiting for the official schedule to be released before making unchangeable plans unless you are ok with changing your plans or your kids missing school.

Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar Highlights

The 2018-2019 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar was very similar to the 2017-2018 calendar. So, I do not anticipate major changes for 2019-2020. I worked with the following knowledge/assumptions

  • Winter and Spring Break are set at the county level through 2021-2022
  • School will be closed on Election Days for safety reasons since many schools are polling places
  • Federal Holidays like Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, and Memorial Day continue to be days off of school


Start and End Dates

School typically starts the Tuesday after Labor Day – Tuesday, September 3. School usually ends on a Friday in mid-June. My best guess is the 12th, but the 19th does not seem out of the question. Extending school through the 19th would allow for a longer mid-winter break and more scattered days off, but I don’t think they will extend school that late.

Major Breaks

In February 2017, Washtenaw Intermediate School District announced the dates for Winter and Spring Break through 2022.

The 2019-2020 break schedule is:

  • Saturday, December 21-Sunday, January 5
    • Break starts after school on Friday, December 20
    • School Resumes on Monday, January 6
  • Saturday, March 28-Sunday, April 5
    • Break starts after school on Friday, March 27
    • School Resumes on Monday, April 6


Thanksgiving is not included in the WISD schedule. My daughter will be in 8th grade, and in every previous year, AAPS has been off on the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving. I do not anticipate any change here. My best guess is kids are off November 27-December 2 for Thanksgiving.

In 2018-2019 we had a 4 day weekend for mid-winter break (Friday-Monday). However, the Friday off was tentative until the May election filing deadline passed. Since the deadline was the same week as the deadline, many families complained about the lack of certainty. The district said that they would not give such short notice in the future. My best guess, is that we only get a 3 day weekend in 2020 especially with having to add in a day off for the March presidential primary.

Individual Days Off

Individual days off are a bit harder to predict. However, a few federal holidays and election days are fairly safe guesses.

  • Election Day – Tuesday, November 5
  • Martin Luther King, Jr Day – Monday, January 20
  • Presidents Day – Monday, February 17
  • Presidential Primary – Tuesday, March 10
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 25

Many years Ann Arbor Public Schools has been closed on Good Friday, especially if it is the day before spring break or during spring break. My guess is that in 2020 the floating day off is either Good Friday (Friday, April 10) or May election (Tuesday, May 5). The April date gives more lead time than the February 4 day weekend that we had in 2018.

Early Release Days (Half Days)

My best guess is that AAPS will continue to have a similar number of “early release days” as they did in 2018-2019 (5 days).  But, these are much harder to predict, so I am not going to try.

In May middle and high schoolers usually have a half-day Transition day for middle schoolers to visit high school.

  • Wednesday, May 1 – Transition Day

The high schools also have half-days around exams. Skyline is on a trimester and usually has their exams:

  • Mid November
  • Early March
  • Last week of school

The other high schools have semester exams. Hopefully these won’t be as impacted by weather related school closings as in 2019

  • late January
  • Last Week of School

Late Start Days for High School

There are typically several late start days for high school for PSAT/SAT testing. (Luckily for the test takers they don’t have to take them on Saturday like I did in high school). The dates aren’t announced. Based on the 2018-2019 schedule I would guess:

  • Early October – 11th grade takes the PSAT/NMSQT, Late Start for 9th, 10th, and 12th grades
  • Mid April – Late start for 9th, 10th, and 12th grades not taking PSAT/SAT/WorkKeys Testing


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