2020-2021 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar

The 2020-2021 Ann Arbor Public Schools calendar has not yet been released. Some schedule information is available like the winter and spring break schedule to help start planning your vacations for next year.

2020-2021 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar

The 2019-2020 school year is being greatly impacted by the COVID-19 School Closures with a potential to end the school year early. At this point, I would not expect a 2020-2021 calendar until more is known about the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Sadly, I also expect COVID-19 to potentially impact us next year as well depending on when a vaccine is found.

Ann Arbor Schools Closed due to COVID-19

Not ready for 2020-21 yet? Check out our article with the 2019-2020 AAPS calendar.

Winter and Spring Breaks have been announced through the 2021-2022 school year. These are the only official dates for the 2020-2021. The rest are my speculations based on 2019-2020 and past years calendars.

The school calendar is part of the teacher’s contract which is up for renewal. Despite the uncertainties with COVID-19, the district and teachers union have a tentative agreement on salary for next year and moving forward. However, I expect the 2020-2021 calendar will not be released until there is more certainty in the 2019-2020 school year.

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Start and End Dates

School typically starts the Tuesday after Labor Day. – Tuesday, September 8. Washtenaw Intermediate School District has recieved a waiver for all the constituent school districts to start before Labor Day.

The Ann Arbor Public Schools currently lists the start date for 2020-2021 as Tuesday, September 8. However, they have stated that it is not set in stone. In making your plans for the summer, consider that school may start the week before Labor Day. Personally, I don’t mind a pre-Labor Day start. However, I feel like families need much more notice when changing the established precedent.

The end date will be released with the calendar. I have heard that the late Labor Day (September 7) in 2020 would mean school extending later into June (I am guessing June 18). An earlier start would allow school to get out earlier in June.

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Major Breaks

In February 2017, Washtenaw Intermediate School District announced the dates for Winter and Spring Break through 2022.

The 2020-2021 break schedule is:

  • Winter Break – Saturday, December 19-Sunday, January 3
    • Break starts after school on Friday, December 18
    • School Resumes on Monday, January 4
  • Saturday, March 27-Sunday, April 4
    • Break starts after school on Friday, March 26
    • School Resumes on Monday, April 5

Thanksgiving is not included in the Major Breaks schedule. However, I anticipate that school will continue to be closed on Wednesday-Friday. I hope they keep Wednesday off. My husband told me that the UM calendar includes Wednesday in Thanksgiving break for the first time in his 16 years at the university.

  • Wednesday, November 25-Sunday, November 29

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Individual Days Off

Individual days off can vary from year to year. For 2019-2020, there were 6 individual days off. The 2019-2020 calendar included an extra election day (Presidential Primary) and Good Friday, neither of which are needed for 2021 (Good Friday is during Spring Break). My prediction is that President’s Day returns – possibly as a 4 day weekend.

Below are my predictions with confidence levels:

  • Election Day – Tuesday, November 3 (95%)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr Day – Monday, January 18 (90%)
  • 4 Day Weekend – Friday, February 12 (40%)
  • President’s Day – Monday, February 15 (80%)
  • May Election Day – Tuesday, May 4 (80%)
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 31 (99%)

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Early Release Days (Half Days)

I do predict 5-6 half days for 2020-2021 like we have had in recent years. The dates seem to be fairly consistent year to year – and mostly on Wednesday.

  • Late September
  • Late October
  • Late February
  • Late May
  • Last Day of School

In May middle and high schoolers have a half-day Transition day for 8th graders to visit their high school in the afternoon. If you have an 8th grader, plan for them to be busy the entire school day. For 6-7 graders and high schoolers, they will have the afternoon off.

  • Early May

The high schools also have half-days around exams. Skyline and Pathways are on a trimester and have their exams:

  • Late November
  • Mid-March
  • Last week of School

The other high schools have semester exams. Hopefully these won’t be as impacted by weather related school closings as they were in 2019.

  • Late January
  • Last week of School

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Late Start Days for High School

There are typically several late start days for high school for PSAT/SAT testing. (Luckily for the test takers they don’t have to take them on Saturday like I did in high school). Based on the 2019-2020 schedule, plan for :

  • Mid-October – 11th grade takes the PSAT/NMSQT, Late Start for 9th, 10th, and 12th grades
  • Mid-April – Late Start for Middle & High School Students not taking PSAT/SAT
  • Mid-April – Late start for HS Students not taking PSAT/WorkKeys Testing

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Back to School Events

Even before the first day of school, there are events at many schools especially the middle schools and high schools. While the 2020 dates have not been set, the 2019 dates can help you make plans for this summer.

Ann Arbor Back to School Events - Curriculum Nights, Registration & Welcome Events

Many elementary schools now offer a Meet and Greet with teachers and classmates. There are also playdates scheduled for incoming Young5s and Kindergarteners.

Before school starts, the middle and high schools each have a registration in mid-August. Additionally, high school sports and band often have events or camps in August.

Once school starts, each school has a curriculum night scheduled for a weeknight in September.

Be sure to check out our list of Back to School Events and our whole Back to School Guide.

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Bell Times

In our years at AAPS, the school day seems to change every couple of years to meet minimum hours in school or accommodate changes in busing logistics. Most changes were only a couple of minutes in either direction.

The 2019-2020 school hours are:

  • Elementary Schools
    • Regular Day: 8:56a-3:59p
    • Early Release Day: 8:56a-1:29p
    • Last Day: 8:56a-11:39a
  • K-8 Schools (AA Open, A2Steam)
    • Regular Day: 8:19a-3:22p
    • Early Release Day: 8:19a-12:52p
    • Last Day: 8:19a-10:54a
  • Middle Schools
    • Regular Day: 8:19a-3:07p
    • Early Release Day: 8:19a-12:37p
    • Delayed Start: 11:30a (on April 14 for students not testing)
    • Last Day: 8:19a-10:47a
  • High Schools
    • Huron, Pioneer, Skyline
      • Regular Day: 7:45a-2:36p
      • Early Release Day: 7:45a-12:06p
      • Exam Days: 7:45a-11:35a
      • Delayed Start on October 16: 11:15a (for students not testing)
      • Delayed Start on April 14: 1p (for students not testing)
      • Delayed Start on April 15: 11:45a (for students not testing)
      • Last Day: 7:45a-9:25a (make-up exams after 9:25a)
    • Community
      • Regular Day: 7:45a-2:42p
      • Early Release Day: 7:45a-11:50p
      • Exam Days: TBD
      • Delayed Start on October 16: 11:15a (for students not testing)
      • Delayed Start on April 14: 1p (for students not testing)
      • Delayed Start on April 15: 11:45a (for students not testing)
      • Last Day: 7:45a-9:25a (make-up exams after 9:25a)
    • Pathways
      • Regular Day: 7:45a-2:39p
      • Early Release Day: 7:45a-12:06p
      • Exam Days: TBD
      • Delayed Start on October 16: 11:15a (for students not testing)
      • Delayed Start on April 14: 1p (for students not testing)
      • Delayed Start on April 15: 11:45a (for students not testing)
      • Last Day: 7:45a-9:25a (make-up exams after 9:25a)

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