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Make Plans with the 2023-2024 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar

Are you looking for the 2023-2024 Ann Arbor Public Schools calendar? The full calendar was finally added to the district website on July 14 and updated on August 18.

If you’re looking for next year we have the details here:

2024-2025 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar - red over ear headphones sitting on a monthly calendar

Countdown to Learning: 2024-2025 Ann Arbor School Calendar

Are you looking for next year's Ann Arbor School calendar? The full calendar is not typically released until summer. But, some basic information is available. After years of covering the...

My Thoughs

I have been predicting the A2 Schools school calendar for several years. This has been the most surprising calendar release in many years – at least if you don’t count the COVID changes

  • We have a fall break!
  • Mid-winter break returns (in a new format)
  • School ends on a Thursday

First Day of School for 2023-2024 in AAPS

When do Michigan schools start? Traditionally, school started the Tuesday after Labor Day and that is still the standard. However, districts can apply for a waiver to start in August. Ann Arbor Schools has had a waiver to start early since 2020-2021.

The first day of school for Ann Arbor Public Schools is Monday, August 28, 2024. There will be a 4 day weekend for Labor Day (September 1-4)

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Other Dates in August

High school students involved in band/orchestra or a fall sport will have activities through August.

High School orientations typically take place about a week and a half before school starts. At Orientation students get their student IDs, class schedule, books (if any), and can get a parking pass. If a student misses orientation, there will be another opportunity to complete orientation. I would definitely try to make these especially if your child is new to the school.

Some elementary schools hold welcome back events either for the whole school or incoming students, typically the week before school starts. We have also asked our readers for any Y5/K playdates from their schools.

Last Day of School for 2023-2024 in AAPS

With the addition of a fall break and the return of mid-winter break, is later than originally predicted. The last day of school for Ann Arbor Public Schools is Thursday, June 13, 2024. This is a change from the traditional last day being on a Friday!

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Major Breaks on the Ann Arbor Schools Calendar

In May 2021, Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) approved the dates for Winter and Spring Break through 2026 including the 2023-2024 school year.

The 2023-2024 break schedule is:

  • Winter Break – Saturday, December 23-Sunday, January 7
    • Break starts after school on Friday, December 22
    • School Resumes on Monday, January 8
    • Check out Winter Break Camps
  • Saturday, March 23-Sunday, March 31
    • Break starts after school on Friday, March 22
    • School Resumes on Monday, April 1
    • Check out our Spring Break Camp Guide

(Note: when AAPS releases their calendar, they typically only list the school days off for example – March 25-29 – while we have included the weekends)

Minor Breaks in the Ann Arbor Public Schools Academic Calendar

For 2023-2024 the Ann Arbor Public Schools have four minor breaks that are longer than a 3 day weekend – Labor Day, Fall Break, Thanksgiving, and Mid-Winter Break.

Labor Day

The first week of school starts with a mini-break for Labor Day. School runs Monday-Thursday, August 28-31. Students are off Friday, September 1 through Monday, September 4. The school year resumes on Tuesday, September 5.

It is nice to ease into the school year with two 4 day weeks separated by a 4 day weekend.

Fall Break

AAPS adds a fall break for the first time in my memory. It is a 4 day weekend in mid-October. (Friday-Monday, October 13-16, 2023). It partially coincides with UM spring break which is Saturday-Tuesday, October 14-17. As a UM family, I wish they matched more closely.


As usual, Ann Arbor Public Schools is off Wednesday-Friday for Thanksgiving. For 2023-2024 that would be Wednesday, November 22-Sunday, November 26.

Students at Skyline and Pathways have a true break over Thanksgiving with Trimester finals the Friday-Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Mid-Winter Break

They also return a mid-winter break although in a different form than in the past. It is a 5 day weekend (Friday-Tuesday around Presidents Day). This mid-winter break matches what other districts in the county offer (Saline and Dexter)

Mid-Winter break was originally the week of UM’s spring break (prior to 2009 or so). Then it was the whole week of President’s Day. About 7-10 years ago, it started shrinking to just a 3 day weekend as the state added days to the school calendar.

Individual Days Off

In addition to the short breaks listed above, the AAPS academic calendar has 5 days off – two 3 day weekends and two Tuesdays off.

  • Election Day – Tuesday, November 7
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day – Monday, January 15
  • Presidential Primary – Tuesday, February 27
  • May Election Day – Tuesday, May 7
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 27

New Day Off!! Presidential Primary

On August 18, AAPS announced an update to the calendar to include Tuesday, February 27 as a day off due to the presidential primary. (I did warn parents to expect this day off when the calendar was first announced. I am glad it was resolved early and not a last minute day off.

AAPS typically has off for Good Friday (the Friday before Easter). In the 2023-2024 school year, this falls during Spring Break so it is not an extra day off.

Make sure to check out our full list of school break camps if you need child care on days off from school. This list will be updated for the 2023-2024 school year in late summer 2024. Historically most camps were not announced until after summer camps end. In a post-pandemic world, we have noticed that most camps are announced gradually through the school year – one break at a time.

Ann Arbor School Break Camps

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Snow (& Other Last Minute) Days Off

The AAPS schedule typically has 6 built in “snow” days on the calendar. If the district goes over the 6 days, they either need to add days at the end of the year or ask the state for forgiveness.

While snow days is their typical use, they have been used for various purposes throughout the years. Last year, they were used for several widespread power outages. In the 2021-2022 school year, they were used due to staffing shortages on November 1 and the week of Thanksgiving. They were also used after social media threats in the wake of the Oxford School Shooting.

Hopefully for 2023-2024 these will only be needed for snow days

Early Release Days

The last day of school has always been an early release day in my daughter’s 11 years at AAPS. Her first few years, that was the only early release day. The district has been adding days in recent years.

For the last couple of years, there were both half-days and early release days with different release times. This year there are only early release days. I am glad there is only one schedule this year (except the last day of school).

2023-2024 Early Release Days:

  • Wednesday, September 27 – All Students
  • Tuesday, October 31 – All Students
  • Wednesday, December 6 – All Students
  • Wednesday, January 31 – All Students
  • Wednesday, March 6 – All Students
  • Thursday, April 10 – All Students
  • Thursday, April 30 – Early release for HS, Transition day for 8th grade
  • Thursday, May 2 – Early release for MS, Transition day for 5th grade.
  • Wednesday, May 15 – Early Release for All Students
  • Thursday, June 13 – Last Day of School 1/2 Day

Standard Early Release Schedule

  • Elementary (K-5) – 1:00p
  • K-8 Schools – 12:30p
  • Middle Schools – 12:15p
  • High School – 12:00p

Last Day of School Release Schedule

  • Elementary (K-5) – 11:30a
  • K-8 Schools – 10:50a
  • Middle Schools – 10:45a
  • High School – 9:40a (make-up exams held after)

High School Exams

Skyline and Pathways are on a trimester schedule with Huron, Pioneer, and Community on a semester schedule. This leads to different exam days.

High school exams are scheduled in the morning with 2 exams a day. Students are dismissed after their last exam.

Trimester Exams (Skyline & Pathways)

Trimester 1 ends before Thanksgiving as it has in the past. It is nice for the kids to have Thanksgiving break knowing exams are over. Trimester 3 exams now have class on Monday with exams on Tuesday-Thursday

  • Trimester 1 – Friday, November 17, Monday-Tuesday November 20-21
  • Trimester 2- Wednesday-Friday, March 6-8
  • Trimester 3- Tuesday-Thursday, June 11-13

Semester Exams (Huron, Pioneer & Community)

Semester 1 exams to stay the Tuesday-Friday of MLK day. Semester 2 final exams now start on Monday with school finishing on Thursday.

  • Semester 1 – Tuesday-Friday January 16-19
  • Semester 2 – Monday-Thursday, June 10-13

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Testing Days for Middle & High School

There are several days that standardized testing is offered for high school students. The high school students who are not testing on those days have a late start. Note: April 10 lists. the11th grade testing as PSAT, but from experience last year it was the SAT.

2023-2024 dates

  • Wednesday, October 11
    • High School – 11th grade PSAT/NMSQT, late start for those not testing (9th, 10th, & 12th plus 11th not taking the exam)
  • Thursday, April 11
    • Middle School – 8th grade PSAT, late start for 6th & 7th
    • High School – 11th grade WorkKeys, 9th or 10th PSAT, late start for 12th & 9th/10th graders not testing
  • April 17
    • High School – 11th grade SAT, 9th or 10th PSAT, late start for 12th & 9th/10th graders not testing

The 11th grade SAT, and WorkKeys are graduation requirements. Other testing can be opted out.

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Calendar Summary

  • August
    • Monday, August 28 – First Day of School
  • September 1
    • Friday, September 1 – No School
    • Monday, September 4 – No School
    • Wednesday, September 27 – Early Release
  • October
    • Wednesday, October 4 – Student Count Day
    • Wednesday, October 11 – 11th Grade PSAT, non-testing high schoolers start late
    • Friday, October 13 – No School – Fall Break
    • Monday, October 16 – No School – Fall Break
    • Tuesday, October 31 – Early Release Day
  • November
    • Tuesday, November 7 – No School – Election Day
    • Friday, Monday-Tuesday, November 17, 20-21 – Skyline & Pathways Trimester 1 Exams
    • Wednesday-Friday, November 22-24 – No School – Thanksgiving Break
  • December
    • Wednesday, December 6 – Early Release Day
    • Friday, December 22 – Last Day before Winter Break
    • Monday-Friday, December 25-29 – No School, Winter Break
  • January
    • Monday-Friday, January 1-5 – No School, Winter Break
    • Monday, January 8 – Return from Winter Break
    • Monday, January 15 – No School – Martin Luther King, Jr Day
    • Tuesday-Friday, January 16-19 – Community, Huron, & Pioneer Semester 1 Exams
    • Wednesday, January 31 – Early Release Day

  • February
    • Wednesday, February 7 – Student Count Day
    • Friday, Monday-Tuesday, February 16, 19-20 – No School Mid-Winter Break
    • Tuesday, February 27 – No School – Presidential Primary
  • March
    • Wednesday, March 6 – Early Release Day
    • Monday-Friday, March 25-29 – No School, Spring Break
  • April
    • Thursday, April 11 – 11th grade WorkKeys, 8th, 9th or 10th PSAT (late start for non-testing middle & high schoolers)
    • Wednesday, April 17 – Early Release Day & 11th grade SAT, 9th or 10th PSAT (late start for non-testing high schoolers)
    • Tuesday, April 30 – Early Release for high school students only, 8th grade transition day
  • May
    • Thursday, May 2 – Early Release for middle school students only, 5th grade transition day
    • Monday, May 6-Friday, May 17 – High School AP Exams (typically taken at EMU – can be on a day off or early release day)
    • Thursday, May 7 – No School Election Day
    • Wednesday, May 15 – Early Release Day
    • Monday, May 27 – No School, Memorial Day
  • June
    • Monday, June 3- Skyline Graduation
    • Wednesday, June 5 – Huron Graduation
    • Thursday, June 6 – Pioneer Graduation
    • Monday, June 10 – Community, Huron, Pioneer Semester 2 Exams
    • Tuesday-Thursday, June 11-13 – High School Final Exams (Semester 2, Trimester 3)

Ann Arbor Public Schools Bell Schedule

AAPS Bell times were the same for 2023-2024 as they were in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 – a rarity in my daughter’s years in AAPS. Bell times changed significantly for 2021-2022 compared to both the virtual year and pre-pandemic schedules. In most years.

  • Elementary – 8:45a-3:48p
  • K-8 – 8:15a-3:18p
  • Middle – 8:15a-3:03p
  • High School
    • Huron, Pioneer & Skyline – 8a-2:51p
    • Community – 8a-2:57/3:50p based on student schedule
    • Pathways – 8a-2:56p

Early Release Times:

  • Elementary – 8:45a-1p
  • K-8 – 8:15a-12:30p
  • Middle – 8:15a-12:15p
  • High School
    • 8a-12p

Last Day of School Times

  • Elementary – 8:45a-11:30a
  • K-8 – 8:15a-10:45a
  • Middle – 8:15a-10:50a
  • High School
    • 8a-9:40a (unless taking a makeup exam, buses run at 9:40)

AAPS School Day Schedule

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AAPS 2023 Calendar Release Information

The full calendar was added to the district website on July 14. The 2022-2023 full calendar was released on July 8. However, in mid-March they announced the start date for school. Winter and Spring break schedules are released in 5 year blocks through the 2025-2026 school year.

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