What's Open On Easter in Ann Arbor

What’s Open & Closed on Easter

2020 Ann Arbor Easter is very different than past years since Easter falls during the COVID-19 stay at home order (Check out our COVID-19 information and resources). Many local businesses are still closed as part of the Stay at Home order. Only essential businesses are still open, with some additional stores offering curbside pickup and/or delivery.

What's Open On Easter in Ann Arbor

What’s Open on Easter 2020 in Ann Arbor?

Easter 2020 falls within the Stay At Home order for Michigan, so non-essential businesses are already closed.

As it gets closer I will be updating 2020 Easter hours. With many grocery stores working overtime to clean, restock, and serve increased pickup and delivery orders, some stores that were traditionally open on Easter are closing to give their employees a day off.


The list of locations closed on Easter only includes those essential businesses like grocery stores, home repair stores, pharmacies, and restaurants offering take-out or delivery.

Based on last year’s holiday hours, the following grocery stores were open. I expect them to remain open on Easter 2020.

  • Meijer
  • Kroger
  • Busch’s

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