Ann Arbor Easter Egg Hunts

2020 Ann Arbor Easter Egg Hunts

There are many options for Easter Meals in Ann Arbor – Easter Brunch, Easter Dinner, Take-Home, Dine-In, or Dine-Out.

Ann Arbor Easter Egg Hunts

At Home Egg Hunt Ideas

Egg Fillers

Candy & Coins

We always fill our eggs with candy and some coins, and maybe a $1 bill. This year, there will probably be more eggs with coins. or cash (if we have any small bills).


Reward/Chore Eggs

I saw a Good Egg/Bad Egg idea where some eggs have chores they have to do instead of treats. That would be a great idea if Easter fell on April Fools Day, but I think 2020 has had enough tricks to play this trick on the kids.

Instead, you can fill the eggs with rewards. Ideally, they will be rewards that can be redeemed from home especially for younger kids. A few ideas are:

  • Movie Night of child’s choice
  • An Extra Bedtime Story
  • Extra Screen Time
  • Their choice of a digital book
  • Dinner Choice (provide options that you have the ingredients to make)
  • Chore Free Pass

Obviously you know what prizes would work the best for your family.

Scavenger Hunt

When my husband was young, the Easter Bunny hid the basket and not just eggs. Have the Easter Bunny hide a clue where the Easter baskets are usually left. That clue will lead to the next clue. After a series of clues, you will finally reach the Easter Basket. For my teen, I think I am going to turn it into an Escape Room where she has to free the basket.


Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Neighborhood Paper Egg Hunt

Does your neighborhood have a way of communicating? A Facebook Group, Mailing List, Nextdoor, etc.? Use that to recruit a group to participate in a walking Egg Hunt. Families who want to participate can hang a paper egg or make a more elaborate paper mache egg to hang on their front porch. Then neighbors can walk around and see the eggs – make sure to maintain the appropriate social distance.

Backyard Hunt

If the weather is nice, consider hiding Easter Eggs outside in the back yard for your children. We have been doing it for a few years with our neighbor. Maybe this year we will do a side-by-side where they each look in there own yard instead of crossing back and forth between yards. I only recommend this for older kids who can stay in their own yard and take turns hunting along the property line while maintaining the appropriate 6′ of distance.


Reverse Egg Hunt

Have the kids take turns hiding the eggs for each other. My daughter always loved hiding the eggs for us to find after she had found all of them.

Virtual Egg Hunt

Are you missing out on a family event this year? Have the grandparents (or aunt/uncle, friend, etc) hide eggs at their house and either send a picture where they can see the eggs, or do a video chat and direct the camera holder where to look. Then, the kids can hide eggs at your house for the relative to find the same way.

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